Helping the homeless migrants at Calais

Helping the homeless migrants at Calais

Collecting and taking blankets and winter clothes to the 2000 migrants sleeping rough in Calais - men, women and children

We did it!

On 28th Jan 2015 we successfully raised £275 of £150 target with 11 supporters in 28 days


I'm collecting a vanload of quilts, blankets, coats and anything else which will help people sleeping rough in freezing weather just outside the ferry terminal in Calais, France. About 2000 men, women and children are there, from many different countries and for many different reasons, living in wretched and dangerous conditions while they wait to try and make the crossing to the UK. I have no political or religious affiliation, nor any particular position on immigration: I just think these are people in great distress whom we could easily help. A French charity called SALAM seems to be the only one doing anything since the old Red Cross centre at Sangatte was closed, and a few local people are struggling to feed, clothe and keep warm large numbers. As soon as I have enough stuff to fill a van - I hope within the next week - I'll hire one, drive it to Calais and leave everything with the local volunteers who know which migrants are in greatest need. I'm looking for contributions towards petrol, van hire and Eurotunnel crossing.

if you have blankets and live near Brighton, let me know and I'll come and get them. If you don't, please consider making a contribution to the expenses.

Many thanks to everyone for helping.


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