Blank Sheet - Inclusive Media for Schools

Blank Sheet - Inclusive Media for Schools

To set up a business creating print and multimedia resources promoting tolerance and inclusiveness. To be sold to schools.

Unfortunately, this project was not successful

No one is born prejudiced. My aim is to create visual cues such as posters and other media to be displayed in primary and secondary schools. 

I believe that when a child is surrounded by tolerance, he or she will develop an inherant understanding of social diversity that is less likely to be manipulated by the environment and people they grow up with. 

I will work with designers to come up with posters, information leaflets and small story books that promote diversity and understanding, and will sell these products to UK Primary and Secondary schools. 

Ranging from simple children's posters, to detailed leaflets for older pupils.

I am 23 years old, and have had one years diverse experience in an innovative start up company, and therefore consider myself knowledgeable enough to make this a success. 

My motivation comes from my own experience of intolerance and realisation that tolerance and understanding are not promoted enough in schools.

My initial target is £20,000. This will allow me to set up a website, invest in design and production, and promote the idea to schools in the south east, with any resultant profit reinvested to expand the reach of the business and develop new ideas.