The aim of the project is initially to finalise the design, create CAD drawings and a scale model of the vehicle; ready to show to investors

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This project will only be funded if at least £35,000 is pledged by 12:16am 9th October 2018

This project will only be funded if at least £35,000 is pledged by 12:16am 9th October 2018

The first film I ever saw was Star Wars... and maybe because of that I’ve loved science fiction all my life but, more importantly I always loved the designs in those type of films! The vehicles, the spacecraft, the landscapes created by designers such as Ralph McQuarrie and Syd Meade... the whole immersive world that they created. That is why I’m now here, asking for your involvement.

If like me you are consistently disappointed by the fact that our large corporations have’t given us hyper speed and rockets to moon, land speeders, or flying cars then I’m here to hope I can at least offer something in the right direction.

Not only do I wish to build something so cool and forward thinking that it makes everything else look like a model T Ford but I want to do it with the environment and the future of our planet in mind.

My proposal is to build something along the lines of my designs, although the design has to be finalised. I’ll be using recycled materials, 100% recyclable materials and the vehicle will utilise electric hybrid technology along with braking regeneration plus a few other little ideas that I’ll keep under wraps for the minute. 

After contacting my local government here in Milton Keynes they have also shown interest in the concept and will potentially look to invest once the research and design is finalised, plus a full scale model to show to investors is built. 

Together I genuinely believe we have the potential to create something truly innovative, British and very very cool. I understand you may think this is all pie in the sky but I’m very very serious about creating an environmentally friendly vehicle that kicks design well into the 21st century.

I can only hope that as many of you as possible wish to get involved and will be partners along the way. 

Official Facebook and twitter page to follow.



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