blackpool street support

blackpool street support

I am aiming to grow my business in order to employ and home 2 homeless ex squadies .

Unfortunately, this project was not successful

I myself have overcome homelessness and started my own cleaning business which has now also branched into the cherry picker rental market .

my plan is to raise £7500 to purchase a second hand cherry picker and train two homeless ex squadies to use the vehicle of them has the licence to drive and i can add on to my insurance policy very easily.

i am hoping the idea will give them both a sense of pride and achievement and into the bargain i am looking to place a caravan within my business premises for them to live until there earnings allow them to step up the ladder .

i will take no profit from this branch of the business and hope in time it will allow me to replicate the model over and over i already have a few ideas on how but wish to start small so i dont over commit and put my own business under threat of neglect