Blackened Sun Brewing Taproom

Our idea is simple - open a taproom & community space at Blackened Sun Brewing Co. To serve great fresh beer while serving the community

We did it!

On 29th Jun 2018 we successfully raised £6,791 of £6,000 target with 126 supporters in 27 days

New stretch target

Additional funds raised with be used for adapting the toilets to be wheelchair friendly and a mural to be painted by a local artist in the taproom.

By reaching £6,000 we can begin to develop our dream of a taproom and community space

This money will allow us to fulfill our ambition of creating a taproom and community  space within the brewery for customers to visit and drink our beer.  Drinking fresh beer where it's made is the best way to consume.  As well as creating a taproom we want a true community feel.  When the taproom isn't open to the public we will offer the space up for local community events and charities to allow them a space to meet.

Who are Blackened Sun Brewing Co.                

Blackened Sun Brewing Company Ltd is a brewery based at 3 Heathfield, Stacey Bushes, Milton Keynes. We are all about creativity, skill and precision, only using the best ingredients crammed full of flavour and passion. Our beers are neither fined, filtered or pasteurised, they are left to mature and condition naturally to create a fuller flavour.

Established in September 2017 by Gary and Sharon Morse, all our beers are based on our love of Belgian yeast. Our styles are not traditional Belgian beers, they are hybrid styles we have created (some more traditional than others). For us it's all about big flavours to produce balanced beers. We also brew a range of seasonal beers (Winter, Spring, Summer, Autumn) reflecting the relevant seasons.

Added to this range is a year-round Mixed Fermentation Project beer. Fermented with our own house yeast culture (which has 6 separate strains of Brettanomyces yeast), these beers are aged on a range of different locally sourced products and packaged in 750ml bottles.

All our beers are suitable for Vegans.

Why are we crowdfunding?

Starting a brewery is an extremely capital heavy venture. We are unable to borrow any more funds from established financial services. Raising capital via crowdfunding will give us the opportunity to interact with our customers and community, creating a local independent hub for not only beer lovers but for charities and community projects to use the space free of charge supporting people trying to make a difference.

What will be in the Taproom

The taproom will consist of 6 keg lines showcasing not only our own beer but other smaller craft breweries from around the UK.  We would like to introduce our customers to new beers that are not currently available in our area. We will also extend the range with bottles and cans from our favorite European, American and UK breweries.

How we currently contribute to our community

Every time we brew the spent hops are collected by Branch-Out MK,  a charity that provides workplace training to adult with learning difficulties.  The hops are used as fertiliser to aide the growth of their flowers.

We hosted a charity night earlier this year for 'Big Shop Friday'.  A group of local artists exhibited their posters within the brewery donating all the money  raised to the local Winter Night Shelter.  Our mission is to support more local charities and project enterprises where we can.

What we will do with the money we have raised from your support

Install a bar area with 6 keg lines, tables and chairs for our customers, refrigeration storage for kegs, Till and glass washer services, heating for year round usage, branded glasses, large commercial fridges for bottles / cans, purchase stock of bottles and cans from other breweries, art work for the tap room area, adapt the toilet to make it accessible to everyone by widening the door way and adding hand rails.

Please have a look at our range of rewards, we feel their is something for everyone (over 18 of course). Thank you for your time and support.  

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