Jake Tyler - Black Dog Walks

by Jake Tyler in London, England, United Kingdom

Jake Tyler - Black Dog Walks
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To promote exercise and the great outdoors as tools to combat depression and manage overall mental health, to spread mental health awareness

by Jake Tyler in London, England, United Kingdom

Please help me raise £5,000 so I can complete my  3,000 mile walking and running challenge around mainland Great Britain, to promote exercise and the great outdoors as tools to help manage depression and overall mental health in schools, workplaces and communities all over the UK. Remaining funds will be donated to the Mental Health Foundation.

Hi, I'm Jake. Im 31, and I live with depression. In April last year, a few days after my 30th birthday, I lay in bed terrified of what I might do to myself if I left it. Depression had always been a part of my adult life but I'd never experienced anything like this. I'd done an almost perfect job of hiding my 'off' days from everybody up to this point, but there was no hiding it this time. Eventually I let someone else in, my mum, who convinced me to let somebody else in, my therapist, and after that, a ball began rolling. A ball I didn't even know was there. Depression's greatest trick is convincing you're alone in your misery, because it's unlike any misery experienced by any other human being, ever. When in fact, the 'feeling alone in your never ending sadness' club is the largest club in the world. Everybody's welcome. But when members find courage to open up and talk about it, it becomes a different club altogether. I want to talk about THAT club, and the boundless support it offers its members.

I decided to walk the length and breadth of mainland Great Britain to promote the positive effects of movement on mental health, and to share what life's like when you live with depression - feelings I'd been ashamed of for so long, the weeks and months that I lost under a duvet, my obsession with suicide, the simple fact that I just couldn't cope with life. Everything. 

Over the past year I have walked nearly 2000 miles around the most beautiful parts of mainland Great Britain to promote exercise and the great outdoors as tools  to manage depression, and to try and inspire people to take control of their mental health in a positive, open, exercise led way. Walking, initially, helped me feel like I was in control. And after 6 months walking the south coast of England, Wales, Northern England and now Scotland, with no job to support my challenge, funds are about to run out. This is why I need your help.

The funds raised will allow me to, firstly, complete my challenge around mainland Great Britain. Secondly, it will allow me to approach schools, workplaces and communities in whatever area I'm in, to give talks about depression, mental health, stress, and how we can manage them. Anything left over will be donated to the Mental Health Foundation.

If you believe in what I'm doing and want to be a part of it, please donate what you can. My challenge has already helped people and all I want is the chance to help more.

Thank you,


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