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To fund a brand new and innovative brand, producing alternative attire for all, as well as working with local artists and creatives.

by Corey Pyatt in Loggerheads, England, United Kingdom

Who are we?

Black Mass Attire is an independent alternative clothing brand from Birmingham, England. We are currently self-funded and aim to produce a variety of quality products from T-shirts to Body Jewellery for everyone. We are working along side local artists to produce great designs that everyone can enjoy. 

What our goal is?

Our goal is to raise £500 to help produce the products we desire. Even though we are currently self funded, starting a business is time consuming and costly and by doing the crowdfunding  we are hoping to gain interest towards the brand and promote us in the process. People who are wanting to donate to the brand can see the company grow.   

What will it mean?

By donating, it will mean that we can create our products and continue to develop our company. We started out with stickers on a small Etsy shop, and we are proud of our brand and what we have made so far and want the business to become a success. We want you to feel as proud of our brand as we do and by donating you can help our business grow and to be a part of our journey. Donating will mean we can create our own website and to produce new ranges of products. Because we will be able to expand our product line, we will be able to become more popular in the industry and this success will mean we can develop the products that the alternative community wants and supports the brands ethos. 

Why you should donate?

We would love you to donate because we have put a lot of time, effort and money into setting up the brand and getting the best possible designs for our products. We are very proud of what we have achieved an dare dedicated to make Black Mass Attire the next big thing. We pride ourselves in creating a brand that is for everybody in the alternative community and want to promote that thinking, so is people wish to donate then you aren't just helping the brand but also shaping the future of the company and the alternative industry.