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by Paul Johnson - CEO Black Gifted Community Network in Thornton Heath, England, United Kingdom


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Implement a Digital Centre of Excellence to suppress the pandemic impact on the Black community & take advantage of £100Bn+ eCommerce boom!

by Paul Johnson - CEO Black Gifted Community Network in Thornton Heath, England, United Kingdom


Digital Strategy

In July 2020, I founded the ‘Black Gifted Network’ in response to the devastating impact the covid-19 pandemic is having on our community. So with inspiration from "1 Peter 4:10", we have volunteered our time, resources and expertise to develop a recovery plan that will significantly boost our community finances, via the provision of two digital facilities.

  • A Digital Community Centre (providing networking & community services) & 
  • A Digital Centre of Excellence (providing a strategic e-Commerce, communications, mentoring & cultural educational facility ). 

Both are described further below and presented here within the following link.£Billion

Digital Community Centre

Digital Centre of Excellence

  • e-Communications Hub - Advance our communications networks, improve capabilities and efficiency whilst enabling commercial gains to be achieved within our community
  • Digital Academy Hub - Implements our Digital upskilling & educational program in e-Commerce and the STEM subjects, in addition to a long overdue academic program teaching Black History as well as full access to cultural & financial mentors.
  • e-Commerce Hub - This covid-free profit-making industry does not discriminate against: race, age, sex, looks, wealth, location, physical disposition or even past misgivings. Most of all, some e-Commerce opportunities require little or no upfront funding whatsoever! So let’s start by staking our claim in the 100 Billion pounds, UK e-commerce industry and progress to build our own global 'b-Commerce' industry.


Multi £Billion Pound Gains

The Digital Community Centre can potentially save our community over a Billion pounds by simply redirecting our business advertising* spend from the advertising & social media giants to our own alternatives. The Digital Community Centre adopts a simple and highly effective 'post onceapproach targeting subscribers within our community, resulting in significant time & cost savings. Furthermore, the implementation of the Digital Centre of Excellence is designed to place us in an advantageous position to profit from the £100Billion UK e-commerce boom with an achievable community share exceeding £2Billion.

So the Billion pound question is, does it really make sense to....

  • Pay a billion pounds per year, to organisations outside our community, to advertise or connect with people within our community?  or
  • Watch a multi-billion pound, unbiased booming industry pass us by, when we have an equal opportunity to stake our claim in it? or
  • Spend our valuable time clogging up our E-Mails & Mobiles with all the whatsapp messages and media attachments, when we can access them centrally?

These are unprecedented times, but ironically the pandemic affords us the perfect opportunity, to become more connected and prosperous in a digital society. 


Final thoughts from a few of our Black Leaders past & present

"A race that is solely dependent upon another for economic existence sooner or later dies. As we have in the past been living upon the mercies shown by others, and by the chances obtainable, and have suffered there from, so we will in the future suffer if an effort is not made now to adjust our own affairs."  Marcus Garvey, Amy Jacques Garvey (1923). “ The Philosophy and Opinions of Marcus Garvey.

Lastly, I just attended the "Black Leadership Conference 2020" and listened to keynote speeches amongst others from: 

  • Rt Hon Dawn Butler MP,
  • Rt Hon Dianne Abbot MP,
  • Historian David Olusoga &
  • Leadership Expert Rene Carayol 

We agreed that 2020 is destined to go down in history for many reasons, but in years to come what will you say your contribution was to our future generations? If you want proof that there is "light at the end of the tunnel", that’s precisely where the Windrush generation had to live , when they first arrived in London. So if we move towards the digital light that's shining bright, we too can rise above. Please support this campaign and a future of Black prosperity.


The Black Gifted Network - "Appointed to serve the our community", "Out of Many, One Black Community".

Gifted Blessings to all.


note any advertising spend targeting customers outside our community remain unaffected by these community wealth building initiatives.

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