Black British Women in Film & TV

by Louise Barclay in Poole, England, United Kingdom

Black British Women in Film & TV


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This installation throws us back into the 1970s era, as it examines black British women in Film and TV.

by Louise Barclay in Poole, England, United Kingdom


I’m a final year student at Bournemouth University, hoping to create this ambitious graduate project. Me and my team want this project to thrive as much as possible, and with your help we can do that! By reaching our target it, this means we can pay for our huge art department, the location, food and transport, as this pushes the project to reach its full potential of authenticity and achieve its desired look. And we appreciate every penny, so thank you!


Overall, the topic of the project is black British women in film & TV, but I will be exploring this through the roles of an Art Director and Production Designer. The sub-texts that I will be studying are the representation of black women on screen, the exposure and opportunities black women receive, the cultural, political and social issues black women dealt with and the roles black women have within the industry during the 1970s. 

The Event:

The practical aspect of the project involves the instillation. The installation is there to immerse you into the 1970s, with a set, props, models in costumes and photographs around... However, as guests explore there will be opportunities to interact and learn further from certain objects within the event by using an app. 

Being a minority myself, one of my goals is to make a positive change for minorities within the film industry, especially equality. But specifically exploring black British women, I feel that they do not get enough exposure on or off screen, nor do they receive appropriate visual representation or developed characters. Therefore, by creating this project, it gives us a platform to learn but also to educate others about film and TV within this time era and how it affected black women.

So, because we are students this does mean our source for budgeting is from crowdfunding. BUT... this does also mean that by sharing our project around, we can get you guys on board with this educational experience too and this could potentially lead to bigger things such as events and festivals.

The theme is set in the 1970s, however not the groovy disco scene. The style is centered around reality vs film industry and how they influenced one another. The installation will accurately represent a black British woman's living room to represent the social class during this time and certain objects will highlight the political and racial issues that sparked certain events such as riots.

Louise Barclay – Art Director, Production Manager & Lead Production Designer 

Louise is the jack of all trades and has 5 years of practical experience, but has found her devotion for production design. This is her graduate project at Bournemouth University and her first time being an Art Director and is very excited to run her first team and create such an ambitious project, which is driven by passion.

Tom Edgell – Graphic Designer 

Tom is also a student who attends Arts University Bournemouth. He has successfully started his own freelance business which is growing, with his years of experience and professionalism it's great to have him apart of the team.

Whitney Idowu – Model 1

Whitney is a Product Design student, but has many attributes such as her with her height and athletic frame which makes her perfect to be a model in this project. She has been involved in athletics for 10 years and has now started her own fitness youtube channel. Whitney also wants to get more involved with modelling and this is a great first step for her.

Benedicte Kwalangana – Model 2 

Benny is also a Product Design student, but has a background within modelling which also makes her perfect for the project as this adds to her portfolio.

Harry Oxborrow – Documenter

Harry is a film student but specialises within Directing & Cinematography, with years of experience in film. His vast knowledge on cameras and photography makes him right for the job of capturing the ins and outs of Black British Women in Film & TV.

Laurence Murphy – Photographer 1

Laurence is also a film student but he specialises within Directing & Editing. One of laurence's hobbies is also landscape photography and he wants to get more experience with portrait photography and with this project, it allows him to add to his portfolio.

Salima Kamara – Photographer 2

Salima is also a film student, but her passion and speciality is Photography & Videography. Her freelance work is amazing and has made videos for businesses and filmed the famous Les Twins. Her skills are a perfect addition to the project as she has expeirence with photographing black models, and this event can also add to her portfolio. 

Zoe Efthymiadou - Make Up Artist

We have a new member join our fabulous team. Zoe is currently a make up artist who attends Arts University Bournemouth and we're very excited to have her! Zoe has a wide range of skills from make up to sfx.

Production Assistants:

Ben Johnson , Emily Russell, Toby Pritchard, Iman McPherson, Abi Johnson, Claire Allan, Charlotte Kelly –

The base of my team lies within these amazing people, a mixture of first and second year film students, who all have different skills which complete this unique crew, as their indivdiual interests allows the project to flourish. There involvment within this role helps them gain early experience for their remaining years in University and further projects and I'm grateful and excited to have them all be apart of this project.

The outcome is to create an installation that completely immerses you into this educational experience. Therefore, ensuring that we get an aesthetically pleasing look means that the production value needs to be at a high standard as well as appropriate. But also, with the help of my amazing team using their expertise to further push the desired style.

The budget has been carefully thought through, as we want every penny spent to be used resourcefully! As the event is an installation, the budget will mainly go towards the ambitious art department, the remaining is split up into supplies such as Printing, T-shirts, Tickets, Stationary etc. As well as, travel, catering and location hire too! So, every donation made is greatly appreciated...

However, even a like and sharing this crowdfund is massive help for us, the more exposure and awareness for the project the better. So, a big thankyou to those of you who choose to help by sharing for others to contribute too. If this is the kind of project you want to thrive, then get on board with the Black British Women in Film & TV team. Thank you!

Also, showing gratitude and appreciation to The Old Bakery Photographic Studio for giving us the space for the whole day. Thank you!

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