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I need help raising money to make my first album. I have always dreamt of having the confidence to put my art into the world, please help!

by Scarlet Dakota in St. Philips Marsh, England, United Kingdom

I have been making songs and singing since I was five years old, it was something I instinctively did to make sense of the world around me and all of my emotions that at times seemed so overwhelming.

Often feeling alone growing up and unable to connect I would sing to myself, translating my emotions into a language that seemed comforting in my sadness.

My goals are to make an album and pursue my music as well as my art.

Its taken me many years to overcome and have courage to share my art. Struggling with self doubt and worthlessness, stemming from depression and anxiety.

Growing up around abuse squashed my self belief, I lost myself and with that a lot of time. 

After a lot of personal growth, drive and determination my dreaming has pulled me through really dark places and I now feel strong enough to pursue my dreams.

I have always wanted to make an album and after being in a difficult situation and a lot of heart ache a couple of years ago, I started writing my first album called 'Black Birds,' named after the first song I wrote when I was seventeen.

The songs in the album are inspired by dreams, films, real people, real life and fictional characters. Life is always sparking my inspiration. Existence is story telling. 

I would like to raise £500 to make an album with a family friend in Belgium. It will be a great start to my pursuit into my art and hopefully an exiting future.

Any help will be so appreciated and will go towards saving for this.

Thank you to Larli Geary, Phoenix, Gina, Jane for supporting me and giving me faith in my art.

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