Bizzle Bikesport '18 Golden Era Superbike Campaign

Bizzle Bikesport '18 Golden Era Superbike Campaign

We're looking for help for our 2018 campaign to become Thundersport GB's Golden Era Superbike Champion

We did it!

On 30th Nov 2017 we successfully raised £100 with 1 supporter in 28 days

So the 2017 season has come to a close, now the preparations for the 2018 season must begin!

Looking back over the year it's been full of highs and lows  but ultimately has been mega, our first year racing a  Triumph Daytona 955 and  we achieved so much. Round 1 at Brands in March the Daytona qualified 4  seconds off of pole and only managed 1 race that weekend due to teething problems with the new project. Throughout the season it made the podium  7 times and won 2 races, (only 4 bikes won a Golden Era Superbike race  this year and the old bus was one of them!) by Anglesey we qualified 2nd in the dry less than 0.3 off pole and then to finish the season put it  on pole in the wet!

For what was always meant to be a "development year" we finished 4th in the championship, we have to be happy with that and  all the experience gained should hopefully stand us in good stead for  the rebuild over winter.

Looking to 2018 we'll be back, with Thundersport,  with the Triumph with a lot of new developments. We will be  concentrating solely on the Superbike Championship, fingers crossed  we'll be on the top step again soon!

To find out more about us take a look at the Bizzle Bikesport Facebook page, our 3 year story is all there from salvaging a scrap bike and going racing with it to winning the Golden Era Steelsport Championship in 2016. We've achieved so much in such a short time.

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