Bivys for the homeless

Bivys for the homeless

Raising to buy 50 bivy one man waterproof tent/sleeping bags for the homeless in Liverpool

We did it!

On 24th Dec 2016 we successfully raised £25 with 3 supporters in 28 days

Many people feel guilty walking past the homeless but dont know what they can do to help.

There are charities that help the homeless such as the whitechapel but there is still many helpless people sleeping rough in freezing temperatures on hard ice cold ground. How demoralizing and depressing for these people to sleep in the open, while people walk by, with no privacy or protection.

I want to buy 50 Bivy tents and donate them to one of the Liverpool charities who could maybe help distribute them.

Giving the homeless more protection from the rain wind and ice will at least make their lives that bit more bearable. 

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