FOR ADVERTISING To transfer our family show 'Bitey & Bertie's Grand Tour to the Edinburgh Fringe in August 2017.

We did it!

On 21st Jul 2017 we successfully raised £430 with 13 supporters in 14 days



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Well it’s almost time! In just a few weeks ABOP SO Theatre will be performing for the first time at the largest arts festival on the planet! With a cast of 11, between 13 and 20 years and a fabulous children’s show SO Theatre will certainly be the only company in Edinburgh this August (4th-19th August) with a 4x2mt animatronic dinosaur!  

The edfringe programme in now out, tickets are LIVE and are selling. Exciting times are ahead!

People have been extremely generous and ABOP SO Theatre are sincerely grateful for everyone’s support in helping them achieve their dreams.

As a cast SO Theatre have already committed financially to their own accommodation at a cost of £9,600 for the company, and raised £4,000 for their venue and associated production costs through donations via Crowdfunder, sponsorship, performances, cake sales, gigs and a pub quiz/skittles event, but now they desperately need to raise an additional few pounds in a very short time.

Dorset County Council have sponsored ABOP SO Theatre's Edinburgh Project to the tune of £1000 through partnership with

With just over twenty days to go SO need to raise £1,500 to cover printing and cast merchandise to enable them to publicise their show and secure audiences. With 50,266 performances of 3,269 shows in 2016, the 70th anniversary of the Edinburgh Fringe in 2017 is proving to be an even bigger event, and ABOP SO Theatre will have to compete with many other companies to get folks to see their show.

To get the word out…..SO need lots and lots, and LOTS of advertising, and publicity to promote the show while in Edinburgh. A minimum of 10,000 flyers, posters, plus information T Shirts/Hoodies will help tell audiences all over the city that Bitey & Bertie's Grand Tour is a show not to be missed.

Are you an individual or company who can you help by donating towards printing costs, or perhaps sponsor a cast member’s publicity clothing?


Company Merchandise: T Shirts/Hoodies etc.

For a donation of £50 we will pop your name on a cast members clothing (they are going to need a number of items as they’re in Ed for almost three weeks!) so as cast members wander around the city advertising Bitey & Bertie’s Grand Tour they’ll give you massive shout out on their T Shirt or Hoodie. Perhaps you could share sponsorship with a friend and be joint Bitey heroes!

Here's quick mock up......the final design will be done by ABOP

Printing (Flyers/Posters etc)

These are expensive! Can you donate towards the cost of hard copy publicity to help our cast flood venues with advertising posters and hand out flyers to thousands of visitors on the Royal Mile and at other locations all over the city. We’ll give you a shout out on all the show advertising if you can.

We’d be eternally grateful if you could find it in your heart to donate....

We need to raise a minimum of £1,500 in total but every penny counts. As Grandma all adds up! We don’t have long to go now!

Thank you SO very, very much. 

Don't forget to LIKE our Facebook page: SO Theatre Bitey & Bertie's Grand Tour or we won't be able to thank you properly. x


Twitter: @ABOP_SoTheatre

ABOP OFFICE: 01793 849963

A HUGE Thank You to all those wonderful people who have donated so far. xxxx

Please read more about the show and ABOP SO Theatre here below.....

Bitey and Bertie’s Grand Tour is a lively and magical production for children and families who love dinosaurs.

“Bitey and Bertie are the oddest of friends and the oddest of friends have the oddest of adventures. Join Bitey and Bertie on their grand tour with their magical trunk, full of magical props. It’s all going to be marvellously odd!”

Sterts Theatre Cornwall 

'Biteymactinyhands' a 4 metre x 2 metre animatronic dinosaur arrived by ship, and lorry at ABOP HQ from China in the Autumn of 2015 to the great delight of all involved. The Creative Team, Puppeteer, and Young Actors Company ABOP ‘SO Theatre’ developed the show throughout the first part of the year and in the Summer of 2016 the show previewed at the amazing Theatre on the Moor 'Sterts Theatre’, Liskeard, Cornwall. 

Meet & Greet Sterts Theatre, Cornwall

In 2017 Bitey & Bertie will return to Shaftesbury Arts Centre in Dorset, Sunday 10th September, but in August Bitey & Bertie's Grand Tour will transfer to the famous Edinburgh Fringe  running at Emerald Theatre, Nicholson Square 4th-19th August. 

SO Theatre is a young actors company based in Shaftesbury, Dorset working as part of the outreach youth theatre programme offered by professional theatre company Anything But Ordinary Productions. ABOP offer unique and creative opportunities for young actors age 12-21 years.  All company members attend Schools, Colleges and Universities based in Wiltshire and Dorset. Founded just eighteen months ago SO have made huge creative impact with their debut show Spring Awakening and young actors UK premiere of the Broadway musical 'Carrie'. Both shows received rave reviews and  recently SO have performed at Shaftesbury Fringe with Like  A Virgin and a re-run of Spring Awakening.

Bitey & Bertie's Grand Tour- Edinburgh Cast

From: SO...."As you can probably imagine we’re seriously excited about Edinburgh! We feel extremely privileged to be going.  We do need to raise quite a large amount of money however, but we are determined to do everything we can to raise it from performances, bag packs, cake sales, securing local sponsorship and any other fundraising ideas we can come up with.  It's a theatrical adventure that will not only enhance and develop our theatre and performance skills but will help us to grow as individuals and as a company. We work extremely hard and to high standards and we want to make everyone proud. Our show is creative, witty and great fun for children and families. We love it! We CAN guarantee that we’ll be the only performers with a MASSIVE T Rex at the edfringe! As 2017 is the 70th Anniversary of edfringe we can’t wait to represent our home towns, schools, parents, and ABOP at the biggest arts festival on the planet.

Sending you love,

Lydia, Hatty, Dannan, Kismet, Royah, Freya, Issy, Pip, Jake, JP, Senan & Bitey xx

I'm packed and ready to go......

....but I'll be back in September 

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