BitCamp is a new concept for global money transfers and investment opportunities based on cryptocurrency BITCOIN.

Unfortunately, this project was not successful

BITCAMP- the idea & concept 

BITCOIN is currently the strongest cryptocurrency online and in 2017 has bypassed £2000 per 1BTC mark, when in 2016 the value was around £500 per BTC. 

It is becoming very simple to purchase bitcoins online and in recent months has become one of the first travel sites to accept the currency when making payments for holidays, car rentals etc.

I have been in touch with my Estonian comrades who developed and launched Transferwise, who we will be developing the transfer platform with us, as they have all the necessary knowledge and experience in this field.

We will be developing a wallet & payment app and also launching a payment card (pre paid card in association with MasterCard)that will enable our customers to make worldwide transfers of their BITCOIN's for FREE or spending them when travelling, avoiding any costs and exchange rate fluctuations that are currently related to exchanging foreign currencies when going abroad.

The concept of the app is that your purchased bitcoins can be exchanged to USD,GBP,EUR,RUB at any time with the most accurate exchange rates, and the hard(paper) currency will be available to spend immediately. 

The benefit of this system is returns -  I like to look at it as an ISA type savings account, just with much bigger returns on your savings. When purchasing 

 I am also looking to start talks with FSB (The Federation of Small Businesses) and Bath Tourism Board,to roll out a trial of contactless payments via BITCOIN in Bath, UK