Bishop Road School - Gardens and Green Spaces

The children of Bishop Road Primary School need YOUR help to make their school a greener place to learn and play!

We did it!

On 19th May 2016 we successfully raised £3,098 of £2,750 target with 143 supporters in 28 days

New stretch target

We have increased our initial target to allow supporters to continue to pledge on rewards kindly donated by parents and local businesses until the official end of the appeal on Thursday 19th May.

Bishop Road School PTFA - Gardens and Green Spaces


The Parents Teachers and Friends Association (PTFA) at Bishop Road School would like your help to raise funds to create better outdoor green spaces and gardens at the school. We would like to ask you - the parents, grandparents, teachers, friends and supporters of the school - to help us raise £2,500.

This money will be spent on improving the Nature Garden, completing a new Allotment Classroom, an orchard, a wildflower area, equipment, plants, seeds, tools, and other relevant resources. We also want to ensure that these outdoor spaces are maintained and improved over the coming years and ensure a legacy of outdoor learning at the school. 

"We've had many eminent scientists and alumni at our school and hope that these outdoor spaces will inspire the next generation." - Mr Emissah, Deputy Head Teacher.

Why are we doing this? 


The school, in Bishopston, is in an urban area surrounded by houses. It has three large hard-surface playgrounds with play equipment funded by the PTFA and although the school field is a great space for sporting activities, it is not always readily accessible. We think the children would benefit greatly from greater access to areas that are green and growing - where they can play and learn about the environment and the world around them.

"Children show a natural affinity with nature so it would be good to tap into that desire." - Mr Kieboom, Year 1 Teacher and Environment Club Leader.

 What have we done so far?


 The PTFA gardening team has started to improve the existing green areas by clearing out the Nature Garden and building raised beds in a new Allotment Classroom. We have started on this so that the children can start benefiting directly from outdoor learning this term.

The first trees of the new orchard in the school field have been planted, including some kindly donated by parents by the ‘One Tree Per Child’ project. But this is just the beginning…

 What we want to do achieve?

  • Nature Garden - We want to create a sensory nature garden where children can learn about the environment while surrounded by a carefully chosen array of plants and they can see, smell and touch. We hope to improve the existing pond and provide the children with gardening equipment and resources for growing. By providing seated areas for classroom activities,  the children will be able to explore and discover as the plants mature.

  • The Allotment Classroom - Work on the Allotment Classroom has already started with seven raised beds built for each year. 10 tones of organic compost, kindly donated by Hills Group, has been shifted into the beds by parent helpers and the Good Gym. Next we want to build a shed and benches, purchase compost bins, a water butt, and buy tools and equipment. We also hope to plant berry bushes and climbers. The children will be able to plant seeds and learn about where our food comes from.
  • The Orchard – The first seven trees in the Orchard area have been planted. We want to plant further trees in the autumn. This will create a beautiful sheltered area in the school field in which the children can play and have lessons. The trees will be apples, pears and cherries, the children will be able to pick and eat the fruits as the trees grow and mature.
  • Wildflower area – To help bring wildlife and improve biodiversity in the school field we will be planting a few banks of wildflowers. This will bring colour to the field and the children will be able to look for pollinating insects and identify flowers.

 Why is outdoor learning important?


Research into the learning and development of children shows that being outside and having space to play will benefit their ability to learn by reducing stress and improving concentration.

“Allow a child to be free outside with no structure and no gadgets and you will marvel at what they can achieve.” - Sir Ken Robinson, Educationalist.

Over the coming terms, local forest school leader, Jenny Sanderson, (Badgers Forest School) will be running some outdoor sessions for children. Jenny feels that the gardens and green spaces will provide: ”a rich environment that will capture the children’s imaginations and inspire them to discover the joy of the natural world.”


The children of Bishop Road School need your help to raise the funds to complete these fantastic projects. Please help support us by pledging on line and choosing from the selection of wonderful rewards we have lined up.

£6 Bishop  Road School Jute bag with logo designed by school competition

£10 Bishop Road School Seed paper for families to plant and a Jute bag.

£20 A Bishop Road School "Bulb Planter" made by the children.

Other Fantastic Featured Rewards:

Many local businesses including parents at the school have offered their support and each week we will offer new and interesting rewards, so watch this space! Examples include:

Please pledge today - and thank you for helping make Bishop Road School a greener place. 

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