Bi's at Pride in London

Bi's at Pride in London

To increase accessibility and visibility at Pride in London by having a bi community float in the parade.

We did it!

On 2nd Mar 2018 we successfully raised £2,515 of £1,200 target with 93 supporters in 35 days

New stretch target

We've smashed our second target!

Thank you all for your generosity, excitement and support with this project. We are overwhelmed but we're not stopping yet!

You've shown us that there's a real appetite for real representation at Pride events, so we're extending our reach. 

Many years ago, money from the national gathering of bisexuals, BiCon provided money for a number of regional pride packs to help bi groups make an impression at their local prides. Over there years these packs lost items, went missing or otherwise degraded.

We're going to reinvigorate this idea. We'll make up boxes of resources, banners, decorations and everything else you could need for your local pride to have a bi walking group and we'll keep them at strategic points around the UK ready to be shipped out to where ever they are needed.

When we get to £4000, our goals get a little more celebration orientated... 


With a larger cash injection we can get a BIGGER float with BETTER decorations, but that's not all. 

We can also

*host a sign and banner making workshop. We'll provide a central London space, poster board, paint, pens and (of course) buckets of glitter. Just bring your creativity 

*have a bi stall in Trafalgar Square...

*... And fill it with giveaways and resources for bi, pan, queer and fluid people.

But that's just the beginning. You just wait til you see what we have planned for £3000....

Have you ever seen a bi float at Pride in London? We haven’t. 

That’s why we’re crowdfunding to have a real visible presence in 2018.

Bi, pan, queer and fluid people can find themselves side-lined at one of the largest Pride events in the world. As the community gathers to celebrate the L and the G (and sometimes the T), the B is still often ridiculed or ignored completely. We’re staking a claim. We are the B in LGBT. We will be visible.

That’s why we are raising money to have a float for bi+ people of all genders.  


To register for being in the parade, hire a vehicle and decorate the float will cost around £1250.

(This estimate is based on what we expect to have to pay for registration, vehicle hire and decorating our float. We’ll post regular updates on costs and how we are spending donations economically.) 

The first 90 people to donate to our crowdfunder will be offered the chance to join us in the parade (with priority on the float itself given to those whose need is greatest).


If you’d like to be involved in other ways that aren't giving money, we’ll also need volunteers to help with the logistics – driving and decorating our float, wrangling wristbands, and all sorts of other little jobs. 

So, if you’ve got an LGV licence, are a dab hand at decorating, or have a few hours to spare (or you’re just really good at blowing up balloons) drop us a line at

More about Biscuit

Biscuit is an advocacy organisation for bi all women, femmes and those assigned female at birth. We’re here for anyone at the intersection of misogyny and biphobia.

We are a non-profit, but too small to register as a charity; we have very little budget and no corporate backing, so we depend entirely on your support.

We want to change the world and we punch above our weight. We run a website and have a strong online presence – and you can find us out in the community too, delivering workshops, talks and events, speaking to the media, lobbying for change and advocating for bisexual people in LGBTQ organisations both locally and nationally.

Since 2016 we’ve hosted the Big Bi Breakfast on the morning of Pride in London’s parade. This time we’re setting our sights much, much higher.  

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