Birthday present for the host with the most Stefan

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Birthday present for the host with the most Stefan
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Birthday present for the host with the most, Stefan, one of the most welcoming tournament hosts you can wish to meet

by Mark Murray in

For those of you who come to the Bristol County Sports club each month to play poker, you will know what a welcoming and inclusive atmosphere it is. 

A Big part of the reason for this is down to the tournament host, fist pumping Stefan. 

He puts a lot of effort into hosting the event every month, not only with the time he puts into the event, but with welcoming new players and making them feel at ease, as well as existing players. 

Then there is the personal touches he brings. Every month, out of his own pocket, he brings wine and chocolates as spot prizes, and then there was his birthday game last year where he must have spent a fortune on prizes 

He never wants anything in return, and is happy to see people enjoying themselves.

This is an opportunity to recognise what an awesome job he has done with these games, and give something back. Depending on how much money is raised depends on what we get him. the ideas on what he get him is in the very early stages at the moment and what we do get him, we would hope to present him with this at his November birthday game

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