'Birth Spaces' Book

'Birth Spaces' Book

My project aim is to turn my photography project into a book, so that I can provide a copy to everyone that took part in or helped me with the project. The project is called 'Birth Spaces', and tells the stories of different women's birth experiences, and the connection they have to the birth spaces. I couldn't have done the project without all the help from these people, and the subjects themselves, and would like to give something back to them. I need to make 40 copies to have enough to give to everyone that helped.

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'Birth Spaces' is my final photography project for my degree. I have just finished the BA (Hons) Press & Editorial Photography degree at Falmouth University, and having handed in the project last month for my final deadline, I would now like to turn it into a book so that I can provide copies to everyone that took part and helped with the project.

I decided to focus my photography work for this last year on the subject of pregnancy and childbirth, because I am having a change in career path, and am hoping to start training as a Midwife next year. This project focuses on different places within Cornwall that women have given birth, and tells their birth experience stories, as well as how they are connected to their birth spaces. It is an incredibly personal and intimate project, and the stories are very touching.

Having just spent 4 years at university, my funds are incredibly low, and as I have now completed my degree, the university won't help fund the making of the book at all. As I am getting the books properly woven and clothbound at a bookbinders, it is going to cost a lot, and I need a lot of copies to be able to provide everyone that helped with the project with one.

I would really love to be able to give something back to the amazing women that featured in the project, and to be able to share their intimate and inspirational stories.

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