Birmingham and London to Calais refugees

Birmingham and London to Calais refugees

We are outraged by the treatment of refugees in Calais, and will be delivering much needed donations to the humanitarian crisis in Calais.

We did it!

On 10th Sep 2015 we successfully raised £420 of £100 target with 24 supporters in 28 days

Project aim

We are raising money to respond to the humanitarian crisis in Calais, because we believe human rights have no borders.

About the project

We are sure you have read negative stories about the 'migrants' at Calais in the media over the past few weeks and months. However the reality of the situation is that these 'migrants' are people. Real people. They are seeking refuge from war, conflict, rape, terror and persecution in their home countries. Many are from war torn countries such as Syria, Afghanistan, Sudan and Somalia (and many more).

This is a humanitarian crisis and it's happening in our community. We believe it's our joint responsibility to take a stand against the treatment of refugees in Calais, and plan to do so through delivering much needed donations to organisations working on the ground in the 'jungle'.

The situation in the 'jungle' is dire. There are food shortages, medical emergencies and with winter fast approaching a distinct lack of suitable accommodation and clothing. People are living in horrendous conditions, people including children and the most vulnerable. Many refugees have died in recent months trying to cross the border to the UK and due to poor conditions in the 'jungle'. We need to stand in solidarity with the refugees in Calais. We need to show the media, our government and those who are struggling in the 'jungle' that we will forever be against this treatment of humans. The UK refuse to provide a safe and legal way of entering the country so more people will suffer as they are left with little chance of survival in their home countries.

We are collecting donations in Birmingham and London to take to organisations working in Calais on the 25th of August. We are taking a two car convoy, one from Birmingham and one from London. If you would like to support this mission through financial donations you can help us purchase some of the many essential items needed on the ground.

Thank you. 

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