Birds will be laughing
Not quite
Unfortunately this project was not successful.

The aim is to stop the destruction of the planet.

by Birds will be laughing in Bridge Of Don, Scotland, United Kingdom

I work in Oil and almost every day I sit on what the oil industry calls ENVIDs to discuss the environmental impact of a project and how to mitigate. I feel like a laughing stock, like my job is nothing more than PR. We talk about how light will affect birds for example but everything totally ignores the biggest impact of the industry which is of course the burning of the whole hydrocarbon reservoir and consequent destruction of ourselves. I have chosen the title "the birds will be laughing" because that is what I think. I'm not of course saying that we shouldn't protect the birds but I think they are much more likely to survive than the human species itself. I think the birds will be fine, perhaps one or two sleepless nights due to light but they will be looking at us and laughing - your idiots burning alive due to climate change.

The least I can do is raise awareness. I can not stop the oil industry cartel and trading forces and greed pumping the destruction of the planet but I can tell people stop worrying so much about the birds, we are killing ourselves.

I have contacted Greenpeace a few times to make some noise at the annual Oil and Money event which happens every year at the Intercontinental hotel in London but they totally ignored me. I think the best course of action is non-violent civil demonstrations, working with existing NGOs and the IPCC.  

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