To fund our first full-time work-space, and purchase of our own modular recording studio.

We did it!

On 16th Dec 2017 we successfully raised £15,007 with 159 supporters in 21 days

BIRD offers free one-to-one creative sessions which improve and sustain young people’s well-being. Please help us crowdfund this Christmas so that we can work with many more young people.

Find out why we're fundraising below - and check out our great present ideas! We have even recorded this original Christmas song with some of our young artists and made a cheeky video to promote the campaign... Please spread the word! This Is Christmas (click to watch)


We now know that 75% of mental health issues, like anxiety and depression, are established before the age of 24. We also know that creativity improves and sustains mental wellbeing – in fact this summer a ground-breaking white paper (the All-Party Parliamentary Group on Arts, Health and Wellbeing Inquiry Report) was published, saying exactly that. Meanwhile arts teaching is being cut in schools across the UK.

It doesn’t really add up, does it?

For just over two years now, BIRD (Charitable Incorporated Organisation, No.1161054) has been successfully building creative mentoring relationships with 16-25 year olds, improving and sustaining their wellbeing using the songwriting and recording process. In 2018 we plan to establish a permanent work-space with our own recording studio, and develop our mentoring programme for young people across the arts.


About BIRD:

BIRD is unique in terms of the amount of time we offer each of our young artists. Investing time in an individual communicates to them that they are valued, increasing self-worth and confidence. Our mentoring sessions are specifically one-to-one. The nature of creativity, the time and it takes and the honesty it requires, make it the perfect environment for building relationships, is a natural incubator for growing trust and rapport.

BIRD stands for Brilliance, Integrity, Relationship and Delight – the values by which we work. Expressing yourself, being heard, being valued and delighted in, being validated in your creative gifts, being trusted, respected and appreciated in genuine relationships are all part of BIRD's process, and all have a significant role in improving and sustaining wellbeing.

Currently BIRD operates out of a small recording studio-share off Hornsey road, Islington, London. Young people are referred to us by charitable organisations and our networks, and sometimes through the recommendation of our existing artists.


Track record:

It has been so rewarding to see BIRD artists flourish and grow over the last two years. Recent highlights for our young artists have included airplay of a track developed in the BIRD studio on BBC Radio 1 and Radio 6 Music, and an opportunity for one of our artists to work with legendary producer John Kelly (Kate Bush, Chris Rea, Deacon Blue), which came about when our friends Tileyard Education came across her music featured on the BIRD website.

Why we’re crowdfunding:

We currently share our work-space and we’ve grown to the point where we need much more studio-time than is available to us! We need to raise funds so that we can move in to a new work-space and to install our very own, full-time, sole-use recording studio

Our young artists come from all over London - from Kilburn to Peckham, Tower Hamlets to Croydon. We need to be flexible to meet our young people’s needs by being able to offer them a regular slot, and sessions at short notice. Having our own work-space and studio will allow us to do this.

Our new work-space, which is on the border of Camden and Islington, has been offered to us at a charitable rate.The full cost of the move and studio purchase is £40,000. We have set £20,000 as our first goal. When we reach our target of £20,000 we will still need to fundraise to ‘matchfund’ the rest.


Grand plan:

Having our own work-space and studio will give us capacity to work with multiple mentors, meaning many more young people will benefit from our one-to-one creative sessions. Themodular studio solution represents a long term investment, i.e. if we ever need to move, we can take the studio with us, instead of having to leave expensive infrastructure behind.

We will let the new studio commercially in its down-time, starting us on the path to self-sustainability - the holy grail for any charitable organisation!

We want to replicate the model we have begun in London across the UK:

  • Start with a part-time space
  • Grow the number of artists (stimulating the need for more sessions)
  • Find a local partner to let us a full-time space
  • Establish a studio and other creative facilities so we can let them commercially
  • Increase number of sessions available, therefore number of artists we can work with
  • Recruit multiple mentors to deliver sessions
  • And..... repeat!

Please help us to change young people’s lives today. 

Please pledge here, and share our crowdfunding page this Christmas.

Thank you for your support!

Neil Phillimore, BIRD Founding Director

Stephen Richards, Sarah Barron, Kath Cockshaw, BIRD Trustees


Neil Phillimore, Founding Director of BIRD,has been writing and recording music for 30 years. He has a Diploma in Sound Engineering, has had his own music used commercially and worked with Producer Paul Pilot, engineering music used in the Oscar nominated film ‘An Education’.

Neil has been working intensively as a mentor and producer with BIRD's young artists since 2015, developing a portfolio each of them can be very proud of. 

If you have any questions or comments about BIRD, please write to Neil at

Some of our rewards:

'This Is Christmas'

NEW Christmas song performed by 6 of our artists: 

 Barry Cawston Prints

Limited edition: The End of the Rainbow. 

50 x 38cm photographic print of Banksy’s new piece Angels made on the wall in Bethlehem. Limited editions  6/100  - 10/100 

Limited Edition: Do Robots; Dream Of Peace? 

50 x 34cm Barry Cawston Print 

Limited editions 6/100 - 10/100

Limited Edition Print By Contemporary British Printer and Artists Chuck Elliot:

T-Shirt/ Bag Blue Design

By street artist Naomi Edmondson



T-Shirt/Bag  Yellow Design

By street artist Naomi Edmondson



Just Be You Hoodies (printed on back Images coming soon!)

By street artist Naomi Edmondson

Walthamstow Wetlands Water bottles:

Walthamstow Wetlands Travel Coffee Cups:

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