Doreen Bird College funds for Brittnelea Pattinson

Doreen Bird College funds for Brittnelea Pattinson

To raise the fee to study on the foundation course at Doreen Bird college and receive professional training in Dance and Musical theater.

Unfortunately, this project was not successful

Please help our dance student Brittnelea Pattinson. Brittnelea is a talented young dancer and performer. She is currently studying at Salford City College. After going on the audition circuit, her dreams came true when she was offered a place at the prestigeous Doreen Bird College of Performing Arts! The course is a 1 year foundation in Dance and Musical Theatre, after which she will access the 3 year training degree. Brittnelea was shattered this week to learn the course will cost £8.500, a sum she simply can not find alone. 

Her teachers and friends at Salford City college have encouraged her not to give up. We hope by croudfunding we will appeal to people who have a passion for the arts and can understand how special this opportunity is. Brittnelea is a very hardworking student. The fund would cover her fees but of course she still needs to pay accomodation. Brittnelea will do everything she can to work around her studies and support herself. 

Please help her train and follow her dreams.