Bipolaroid Project

Bipolaroid Project

Photography, upcycling and arts and crafts..........

Unfortunately, this project was not successful

I have recently  set up as a photographer in Morecambe and I am slowly starting to get drips and drabs of work, however,  the eqipment I have is entry level and I am in desperate need of something with more versatility. I want to be able to go for more commissions in the community than I am able to  at present but the lack of equipment is holding me back. 

As I want to be self sufficient I am also hoping to do furniture upcycling and arts and craft. I have every faith in my abilities and know I can achieve my goals but to do that I know I will need backing. Any funds raised will be used for camera equipment, specialized tools for resoration and arts/crafts and materials for projects. I will source the main body of my projects with recycled items to keep costs to a minimum. I will need a workspace so funds would also go towards a second hand shed.

I volunteer at a community arts project at the moment so an aim of my business would also be to give free lessons and workshops for local people and embrace the 5 ways to well being.

Funds from the business would also go towards getting a patent for a project I have which would save hundreds of animals lives every year.....