Bio-secure chicken rehousing

Bio-secure chicken rehousing

We have been rehousing ex battery hens for years, however they now need a sturdy permanent home, and to allow us to continue to rescue more.

We did it!

On 5th Mar 2016 we successfully raised £10 with 1 supporter in 28 days

We have been rehousing animals for the last couple of years, which includes ex battery hens. However they have now outgrown their basic enclosure, which has also a been heavily hampered by the extremely wet weather and we'd love to give these lovely creatures the environment they deserve and be able to continue to rescue more. 

We have no funds to invest in a new enclosure/improve their living conditions. This project is to purchase and build a Bio-secure walk in chicken coop and run which will house more chickens safely and provide perfect long term conditions for happy , healthy chickens , which in turn will produce healthy eggs to return to the community.

The enclosure is a sturdy timber frame, covered run and provides everything your chickens need:
Solid roof and small mesh complies with DEFRA's guidlines for protection against avian influenza
Plenty of space. It is very important that your chickens have enough room, as overcrowding can cause distress and lead to fighting.
Shelter from rain and shaded areas for hot sunny days.
Internal nest boxes (external nest boxes are an optional extra).
perches for a great night's sleep.
Corroline roof provides overhead ventilation for draught-free airflow
Protection against predators, especially urban foxes as we only use high quality materials.


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