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We are aiming at providing an end-to-end solution to business jet customers and will specifically focus on the consolidation of the sector.

by BINFIELD GROUP in Binfield, England, United Kingdom

The Team Our team is made of experts in the different fields of aviation business. I am, British & French, CEO and Founder of the company and my profile can be looked online on LinkedIn. I have more than 30 years of experience in aviation from legacy airlines to business jets. Arnaud Boismal, French, Training Captain, qualified on several aircraft types will be our CTO (Chief Technical Officer) in charge of crews, planning, ground operations & training. I worked with Arnaud before and he will bring a lot of expertise to the venture. The vision. Following 2008 financial crisis, business aviation has hugely recovered and is growing fast in all regions of the world. However, there are far too many operators who by lack of finance or global print cannot offer a global solution to customers and are operating on an ad-hoc basis. These operators suffer from intense competition on price from brokers and online platforms. Our aim I to take part and lead the sector consolidation by investing in different operators in Europe, US, Asia and Middle-East to offer a global solution to customers and retain them. We are building a Group based on vertical integration spanning from aircraft brokers to operator and training academy. This strategy will generate economies of scale, global offer, customer retention and shareholders return on investment. We also emphasised on the timing for this operation s it will be more of the counter-cycle investment where a lot of small operators will struggle with the coming financial crisis. This investment is assets backed which will guarantee a good return on investment far above what investors could expect from usual, banking products. Acting as a major investor will also help us to participate to the reduction of carbon emission with the appropriate choice of aircraft. For this seed investment, the aim is to promote the business and gather letters of intent from our different partners. Achieving this goal is based on the participation in /several events where we will meet aircraft manufacturers, maintenance providers, training organisations and financiers. We already started this process on the initial funds of the company specifically attending the Farnborough Air Show, the Air Charter Expo and the Aviation Festival. We now need to attend other events to further develop our brand recognition. The initial investment of £250,000 will be used for: Communication in the press and events (marketing, offers and launch communication) Initial targets (companies) due diligence (lawyers, finance, operations) First aircraft deposit If we exceed this target, the second phase will be invested in a retainer in purchasing an operator owning and operating aircraft.


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