Bill's New Indy Bus/Mobile Rehabilitation Unit

Bill's New Indy Bus/Mobile Rehabilitation Unit

Fundraising to provide indy campaigner Bill 'Boorach' with a new live-in van for his upcoming cancer treatment and rehabilitation.

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Project aim

Fundraising to provide indy campaigner Bill 'Boorach' with a new live-in van for his upcoming cancer treatment and rehabilitation.

About the project

Boorach’s “Alba gu brath” Van (pictured below) Replacement for Live-in Lung Cancer Treatment

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British Army Veteran, Bill (71 years old), a staunch Scottish independence supporter and campaigner, has lived in a van for 15 years (7 years in current van) and many will know him online as “Boorach”, which we think superbly denotes his beard (as pictured). The van is a well-known and loved indy celebrity vehicle in the Highlands. And, Bill is alright as well! :) The van has a bed, a microwave, and a wee cooking facility run on a generator. 

However, the rusty battle bus has done over 250,000 miles and is in need of serious repair and this comes at a time when Bill has, unfortunately, been diagnosed with lung cancer. This will involve treatment direct to the affected lung and then bouts of radiation treatment. Bill currently survives on his Army Pension and recently lost his passenger seat companion “Chip” the terrier. However, he still has his YES Comrades and it is the indy faithful we are pitching to now.  We want to raise funds to deliver a brand new battle bus to Bill - one that will be comfortable, reliable and well insulated - this van will be Bill's new home during his cancer treatment, rehabilitation and beyond.


As folks that campaigned with Bill during the independence referendum, making leaflets, ordering banners, canvassing, cybernatting, and all organised from the back of a van, we can testify to his commitment to Scotland. We want to make sure Bill sees an independent Scotland in his lifetime. After some initial despair, the prognosis for Bill has taken a turn for the better, so with the proper treatment his chances are good and he will have many years ahead of him.

To make this happen he needs comfort around this time, particularly during the radiotherapy phase and as winter approaches. He wants to stay in his van during treatment (due to begin in mid-August), it’s what he knows and is comfortable with, but it is far too old for the purpose of proper rehabilitation from the cancer treatment and is in need of a serious insulation makeover.

Therefore, we have vowed to get him a new long wheel based van and kit it out, but we can’t do it without your help!  Please, make any donation you can and we will keep you posted on the progress of the project and more importantly, Bill’s progress, as he takes on cancer from the comfort of a newly improved  battle bus!  Every penny will go towards Bill's van or on equipment and other goods to kit it out and turn it into a home for him (e.g. new bedding, insultation etc).  Where possible, we will recycle the equipment from his old van.  

In YES we trust – donations big or small appreciated with equal measure. If you can’t donate please do us a wee turn and give the cause a share on your twitter and facebook pages and profiles.  Thank you all for your help.

Let’s do this!


Kevin, Cha and his kids pictured with Bill 



Notes: This campaign has been set up by Bill's friends Kevin, Cha and Claire (without Bill's knowledge, for now...) because we wanted to do something significant to help and support him with his cancer treatment, and knowing he has concerns about his current van, this project seemed the best way we could do that - but we can't do it without your help!   If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to message    EVERY penny raised will be spent on a van for Bill and, if we raise enough, on additional equipment to kit out his van.  If we exceed the amount we are aiming for, any extra funds will go on additional items such as a new generator, insulation for the inside of the van, cooking equipment, bedding etc.  Everything Bill will need to feel that his new van is a comfortable home for him to recuperate in and make his own. We hope you can help and thank you for helping in any way you can!     A note on making a payment: Donations can no longer be made on Crowdfunder using Paypal.  However, payment can easily and securely be made by entering your credit/debit card details when you click to donate on this site.  We can provide you with a Paypal address to make payment with Paypal if this is preferable for you, however we cannot receive more than £1900 through Paypal, therefore if possible, please donate by entering your credit/debit card details on this site.  For info regarding Paypal donations, please see
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