BikerBuzz Camping Club

BikerBuzz Camping Club

Project cancelled...for now at least. reworking, dealing with a few things and coming back to it. I want to create a Bikers Campsite.

Unfortunately, this project was not successful

 So here's the plan.

Buy a plot of land in the centre of the country and turn it into the UK's first dedicated Biker Campsite, providing the needs and wants of Bikers. A low impact site to allow us to enjoy getting out into the countryside without damaging the environment we're going there for. It's my intention to build the site using materials either from the site, eco-friendly or recycled. I like a challenge. 

I do have a plot in mind, Just outside the Peak District National Park. It's 4.7 Acres with gently sloping sides and a river runs through the plot with a few trees either side. It has road access and utilities are close. WHat's more it's 15 minutes from the Bikers Mecca that is Matlock Bath.

So what do I aim to offer. 

 First off a campsite dedicated to the needs and wants of bikers. A place to pitch tents with all the usual benefits of a campsite. Toilets, Showers, water and a laid back environment to use as a base for exploring the Peak district and surrounding area. The campsite will have eco-credentials, and be low impact.

The Campsite will also offer another feature, Everything you need to camp will also be on site. Tents, sleeping bags, beds and cooksets will be part of the available package, meaning you wont have to load up your bike with a lot of bilk and weight, Just book ahead and show up. As we manage to get planning permission I aim to get camping pods on site for more comfort and warmth.

Also on site a "Clubhouse" which plays better music, more like a rock/biker pub. providing the environment to enjoy the evening as only bikers can. Easy going, laid back fun. Enjoying the camaraderie which comes from finding like minded people in the same place.

I also aim to have a workshop on site for anyone who needs to do repairs or maintenance during their stay

Secondly I want to start a Bikers Camping Club. Similar to the caravan club. Creating a camping club like this has benefits for sites in that it means they can be operated as Camp sites for a larger proportion of the year without getting a site specific license to operate a year round camp site. This is going to mean we can operate during the Bikers Season without issue. Going forward I'd like to sort out more sites ( Yorkshire Dales, Lake District, Devon & Cornwall etc ) and having a club established and registered with the Government would make expanding this idea to further sites much easier. Getting the exemption certificate means we can use a site for 60 days a year without a site license.

Setting up the club will make it much easier to get other sites off the ground and spread the concept of the campsite.

There are plenty of Biker campsites in Europe but not one in the UK. Only ones which don't turn us away. So I figure it's time to change this, to make something that is uniquely aimed at bikers from the ground up.

How does the money break down ? Well appoximately half will be spent on the purchase of land on which to base the site, most plots like these go to auction so it's hard to say how much exactly. About £20k will cover the shower/toilet facilities and any drainage and water to site.About 10k should cover the Clubhouse and workshopI'm budgeting about 5k in legal fees, planning and any licenses required.

So check out the rewards, I think you'll agree they represent good value for the funding level. Any questions ? Please feel free to ask :-) Any suggestions, I'm all ears, drop me a line.