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bike brolli

bike brolli is the first folding bike shelter that incorporates a wall anchor - protection from the weather plus security against theft.

We did it!

On 12th Aug 2016 we successfully raised £110 with 3 supporters in 100 days

Cycling is good for you, great fun and helps the environment! But for many people living in cities with limited space, storing your bike conveniently and securely is a problem.

Sheds are usually so crammed full you can’t get in or out and conventional bike covers don’t solve the problem either - it’s difficult to get the cover on or off, your bike isn’t secure enough or worst of all, the saddle gets damp - no one likes cycling with a wet bottom!

Having experienced these issues myself, I set about developing a product that could really help city cyclists. Working in partnership with a team of product designers our goal has been simple – to create a product that

  • keeps your bike protected from the elements,
  • is secure against theft,
  • needs minimal space
  • and is convenient to use.

bike brolli is the first fabric cover bike shelter incorporating a fold away frame and wall anchor for maximum security. It attaches to a wall and folds out to protect your bike from wind and rain. It’s really quick and easy to use; when not in use can be folded back against the wall.


It is easily installed in about 30 minutes – just 4 security screws drilled into a wall.

Research has told us how over 20% of people across the UK are dissatisfied with their current bike storage solution. Of those, half have said that they would consider a wall attached bike storage solution like bike brolli if one was available.

We have fine-tuned the design and built prototypes that have resulted in keen interest from the leading cycle accessory retailers and produced really enthusiastic feedback from consumers.

For example trialist Lucy Symons from Kingston says:

“I love cycling but find getting my bike out from the shed a real drag as there are always other bikes and things in the way.

Now I have my bike brolli I use my bike every day and can get at it easily – I love my bike and my bike brolli.”

We want to keep bikes dry, secure and easily accessed which will get more people using their bikes more often - great for your health, great for the environment!

We need your vote to secure the support of Virgin Media and a crowdfunding campaign to bring this new product to market. Help us make bikes more accessible and keep bottoms dry!

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