Big Lez Show - Invest in the boys

Big Lez Show - Invest in the boys

Invest in The Big Lez Show boys Jarrad, Izak & Tom so it can be worked on full time

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On 13th Jul 2017 we successfully raised £20 with 1 supporter in 28 days

Invest in The Big Lez show. Tom, Jarrad and Izak are the Australian creators of The Big Lez Show and still work full time jobs. Donate to help towards The Big Lez Show being worked on full-time.

TBLS only makes money from merch sold on their website (  so this would be a big push to help with decreasing the time it takes to make an episode. 

TBLS was just an inside joke between friends in year 8/9 until a drawing was created of Lezlie Mackerel and a comic book series was created. The boys then put the drawings into MS Paint and used a video editing software to create the first show that they then showed their school. One after another, the characters were created, and a story was born. 

Jarrad draws up all the characters, Tom draws up all the background arts and then Izac edits it all together. The boys just do this to make people happy and to make you laugh. Donate now to help Season 4 Episode 2 come out sooner!

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