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To establish a program that will encourage increased participation of disabled and disadvantaged youngsters playing golf.

by Kevin Booth in United Kingdom

Who are we 

British Inclusive Golf is a registered UK Charity that helps people with disabilities play golf. Chairman Ian Halliwell & Trustees have promised in the future the charity will endeavour to work at getting more young adults with mental & physical disabilities taking part in Pan Disability Golf. Work is on going with various golf clubs & professionals in area’s throughout the UK to get these sessions going whilst identifying groups & organisations that would benefit from the program. The Charity also supports individuals to play golf by introducing them to the many disability groups in the UK and golf clubs that are disability friendly, plus inviting individuals to represent the charity at the many invitational events organised throughout the year.


We Plan to work with golf clubs & their professionals that have the same vision as the Charity. The Charity will work at finding groups & organisations that are involved with young adults with physical & Mental disabilities and match them up with the relevant clubs that wish to support our program.

More info on our website 



We have identified 2 locations for 2019 where the project will start these are in the North West & Cheshire. We have also links with clubs in Yorkshire & The Midlands but we wish to establish the program first before expanding providing quality rather than quantity. We will hopefully in 5 years roll out in all 4 corners of the UK.


Once he program is up and running we will then encourage participants to start playing golf with the many disabled golf groups available throughout the UK & hopeful encourage them to join a golf club. Golf is good for rehabilitation, socialising, its very therapeutic and improves wellbeing.


Long Term 

British Inclusive Golf have many invitational events where people are invited to represent the charity, so there's will be plenty of opportunity for participants to be involved for many years to come and hopefully give something back to the charity.


What BIG will provide/do

Indoor equipment

Range Balls for sessions

Cost of tuition by professionals 

Continuing effort to find national funding

What we expect Clubs to provide/do

Golf professional / teacher

Indoor location (if possible)

Practice area

golf clubs for sessions

Access to driving range

Help to source local funding 

Long Term

If funding allows we would like to source a paragolfer or solorider for those who are paralysed and require help in standing up. see attached video this was Nick who played once with the paragolfer but sadly gave in as they cost over £16,000 and there was no way he or the charity could buy one.


People with Asperger’s syndrome see, hear and feel the world differently to other people. If you have Asperger’s syndrome, you have it for life – it is not an illness or disease and cannot be cured. In particular, understanding and relating to other people, and taking part in everyday life, can be harder. Often, joining a club in order to socialise or to engage in a sport can become difficult and is totally reliant on the support offered by the organisers and indeed its membership. For Joseph, British Inclusive Golf has given 100% commitment in offering their support, constantly working with him to understand his needs both on and off the golf course. This has provided Joseph with a safe and relaxed environment where the entire membership accepts Joseph for his ability not his disability. In addition, this has helped him forge friendships and improve his social skills and he is proud to be a part of the B.I.G. family. 

John Vanaman 2018 reference His son Joseph

As my son Lewis approaches his 18th Birthday and moves on from junior golf, I thought it was time to thank the people who have helped him, helped his development, helped his personal growth and open the doors of opportunity for him. As a 12-year-old golfer junior golfer with Autism, we found an avenue open to Lewis in Disabled golf. We knew nothing about disabled golf or even its existence. His association with disabled golf would change his life. British Inclusive Golf was a major part of that change. Through his association with British Inclusive Golf he has represented his country (England) against old rivals Scotland and contributed to winning international team matches. He has won individual trophies in inclusive golf competitions for both disabled and able-bodied golfers organised by British Inclusive Golf and taken part in matches representing B.I.G against golf union junior teams. After being spotted in these matches by Golf Union Team Managers he was offered the chance to become the first disabled junior golfer to ever represent a district team in the Yorkshire Golf Union. A chance that saw him cement his place in the team and this year, his third year in the team, make history with the team winning their first ever inter district trophy. His selection in this team was all because of his involvement with British Inclusive Golf. Aside from his remarkable achievements with a golf club, British Inclusive Golf and its management have made life for Lewis so much better. His inclusion in team and individual events was the first step to gaining his now undisputable confidence. In time, the opportunities he had, had a huge influence of personal social development and the acceptance of him given by the trustees and members of the organisation helped him develop into the young man he is today.

Peter Eccles about his son Lewis 


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