BIG BRUNO - Short Documentary

I have completed shooting this documentary and seek funding in order to complete the edit and submit the film to the festival circuit.

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BIG BRUNO - short documentary

Length: 12min

Director, Producer: Sedi Ghadiri




Set in the idyllic Scottish landscapes and the working class milieu of Stirling, this film tells the story of the national whippet racing champion Bruno and his owner Tony, who aim to win the final championship title in whippet racing. As we follow Bruno's training for the big national tournament, the truth behind his success is revealed and a surprising twist in the final race.


Tony discovered whippet racing as a hobby only five years ago, when he got his first whippet called Suzie Q. Suzie Q. was 'way too evil', so instead of chasing the fake rabbit on the racing track, she would chase other contestants. Tony then got Bruno, his second whippet, who won 6 open races and became a national champion in whippet racing. Yet according to other members of the whippet racing community, Tony raises his champion on kebabs and spliffs. Tony doesn't care about the gossips. He also doesn't believe in hard training and strict diet: “Noone can raise a champion. You are born a champion”. And in order to nurture his champion, he gives him a lot of cuddles and affection, ... and comfort food – they share the same meals. As we discover Tony's point of view about the importance of affection and love in a champion's upbringing, we witness his participation with Bruno at the national whippet racing tournament in Gloucester. There, his values are put to test when encountering Bruno's terrifying competitors.


This is a non-budget documentary which I have completed shooting in Summer 2016 as a one-woman-crew. I am currently seeking funding in order to complete the edit and submit the film to the festival circuit.


I'm a London-based German-Iranian filmmaker currently studying for an MA in Filmmaking at the London Film School. My early works are a series of unconventional narrative films, exploring the notion of diaspora and displacement, which were exhibited among other places at the V&A and at Sheffield Doc Fest. I also work as a freelance Editor for BBC World Service.
Big Bruno is a passion project which I have filmed as a one-woman-crew in Summer 2016 without any funding and now aim to complete the edit and submit the film to festivals.

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