Big Backcourt Bike Rack

by Peter Armstrong in Glasgow, Scotland, United Kingdom

Big Backcourt Bike Rack
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Unfortunately this project was not successful.

We are improving a big back court area in Govanhill. The next step is to add cycle parking infrastructure for residents and visitors.

by Peter Armstrong in Glasgow, Scotland, United Kingdom

The Big Back Court Community are improving the back court between Bowman Street, Calder Street, Craigie Street and Victoria Road. To date we have maintained the gardens, improved the bin situation and hosted a number of community bonfire get-togethers.

One of the next projects we would like to tackle is to add cycle parking infrastructure for residents and visitors.

The Govanhill area has plenty of car parking space that is available to drivers for free. Bicycle parking spaces are not as available, and the solution for bicycles and tenement living is not obvious. The majority of residents in the area do not drive! Ground level bike parking will make cycling more attractive to more people.

In Amsterdam, bicycles are stored on the street outside apartment blocks - if it works there then why not in Glasgow.

The proposal is to buy one or more bike racks and install them in the back court in front of the planters.

There are a number of designs available, but I think these would work well for the area:

They cost approximately £200 per rack that holds two bikes.

If £200 is raised, the first rack will be installed in the back court. If £400 is raised, the community can decide on where to install the next rack.


This project offers rewards in return for your donation.

£200 or more

Private Space!

If you pledge £200 you will pay for one section of bike rack - you can keep one of the spaces in this all for yourself if you like.

£10 or more

Non resident supporter

You don't live in the block, but love the idea of supporting local action on active travel. Thanks!

£20 or more


You don't cycle (yet) and don't plan on using the bike rack yourself. You like the idea though and would like to have it there for your visitors to use.

£50 or more

Regular Rider

You regularly cycle and would use the bike rack often.

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