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Bidzone is a next generation online auction website which lifts the restrictions many other marketplaces impose! Find out more today...

We did it!

On 9th Nov 2016 we successfully raised £20 with 1 supporter in 28 days


Built and operated in the United Kingdom, Bidzone is the next generation auction platform created by those with a passion of both development and business!

Over the years many users have come to be brought in and pushed out of other auction marketplaces that are dominated by BIG-BUSINESS, Bidzone seeks to reverse that philosophy and concentrate on what the people actually need!

At Bidzone, our mission is to deliver the fastest and most cost efficient process that everyone can rely on.


  • Development - Its taken years to get Bidzone ready for use and trust us that it hasnt always been plain sailing when releasing new features and bug fixes, however we are finally there. The Bidzone platform is engineered so that updates can be rolled out efficiently without downtime and annoyance to visitors on
  • Equality - Bidzone is completely impartial. Whilst we do receive fees for the service we provide we do keep clear heads when dealing with each user. We believe that business and regular consumers are the same and should be treated as equals if any issues arise.
  • Restriction Partially-Free - We dont believe in restrictions as much as any other marketplace does. Whilst individual country and state laws must be upheld we have no special deals with payment processors or shipping companies however you'll find them on our website. Our job is never finished when it comes to adding things so we listen to customer feedback and will hold regular polls regarding things on the website where users can have their say.


Whilst building Bidzone we had alot of input from people squashed out of the other marketplaces and decided to up the ante and offer more than our competitors!

Some of the things we were recommended have already been implemented into the website. We are always building on these since we seem to have created the first online auction platform with democracy!

  • Video Uploads
  • Digital Downloads
  • Escrow Payments
  • Verification Methods
  • CryptoCurrency Payment Options
  • Alternative Payment Options (Amazon, NoChex & More
  • Better Security Options
  • Discount System

So far we have implemented things that no other platform wants to entertain but we are not finished! There are loads more ideas we wish to implement within the bidzone network.

The beauty of the Bidzone network is that it will be first democratic based website where peoples opinions are valued and are not industry driven to achieve results.

WHY DOES BIDZONE NEED FUNDING? needs funding now as we have got to a stage in the project where we feel we can start adopting users. We've spent years developing the platform and want to start putting our hard work and time into recruiting new and current sellers. We want everyone using as it offers a clear choice in the market. Not many businesses are come with democracy built-in which we feel we have achieved seamlessly.

We require funding to start marketing and gain much needed users which will use the platform. We also plan to engage small and medium sized businesses to change from their norm and give us a try. We would also like to take some programming literate staff who can help us develop the world of online retail as a team.

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