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Our aim is to make products for wellbeing that have been co-designed with those who have first hand experience of mental health problems.

by Erika, Sara and Rachita in London, England, United Kingdom

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Lingxiao Wang 3rd December 2017

I find the teapot's spout/handle is a bit too short. With longer ones, it could be easier to lift the teapot and also preventing from spilling out


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'Panic attack' Breathing bags

Yes, having a panic attack is tough, but have you ever felt it becoming much worse when people around you think you are having a heart attack? Or everyone starts acting so ackward about it? This paperbags speak directly to strangers around you. The experiences of panic attacks are very personal so messages differ. The bags also spread the word and claim the public space, so people experiencing this don't feel stigmatised.

£22 or more

'What's life about' teatowel

Have you ever been waiting in front of the oven and thinking what is it all about? holding a wooden spoon which reminded you of your grandmas' soup? We give meaning to objects, and they remind us of experiences. Sometimes moving these things around in visual maps help us reflect on our lifes in a playful way, and what better moment than while waiting for those baked potatoes to be ready!

£55 or more

'Electrostatic aura' fluffer

Have you ever felt a negative energy, something you can't quite locate or explain... visceral feeling of unknown origin? Did you ever find yourself trying to manage this by cutting papers or scratching your head? We know how you feel, and this aura fluffer will help. Next time you feel this way... give yourself a good lush and see how it goes!

£70 or more

'Balance us out' teapot

A classic ritual for wellbeing, be assured that sharing tea will become a different experience with this two spouted teapot. This object was designed when founder of Bidean Erika was just starting to work within mental health through her MA studies at UAL. It is designed to prompt empathy, reflection and conversation, especially if and when you offer tea to someone in distress, it will become a great ice breaker!

£90 or more

'I'm not dying' silver ring

Have you ever learned techniques to deal with panic attacks? Oh yes there are a few, if only one could remember them! This ring is meant to remind the wearer of what is happening and help him or her relax by looking through the little hole, and focusing all attention towards one single spot. It works, and of course, you will look fab with it. [Sizes S, M, L]

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Participate in our next workshop series!

Our co-design methodology has been specially designed for those with no previous experience, although some methodologies are unique to support mental health. Why not come along to the next one and design your own products and ideas, become part of our community?

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Our special combo, for the loaded or indecisive, generous or invested , very cheerful or highly stressed, get all our wellbeing products: 'Im not dying' ring 'Balance us out' teapot 'Electrostatic aura' fluffer 'Whats life about' teatowel 'Panic attack' breathing bags If you would like 2 or 3 only instead, you can also just pledge separately.

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