Our aim is to make products for wellbeing that have been co-designed with those who have first hand experience of mental health problems.

We did it!

On 24th Dec 2017 we successfully raised £5,354 of £5,000 target with 65 supporters in 30 days

New stretch target

Thanks for all those who are donating, the extra funding will be used to produce more objects, so reward arrive to everyone! and the profit will help us run more workshops. 

We also want to develop a design clinic for those who have participated in our workshops that would like to become entrepreneurs themselves. 

This donation will help us build a platform, and also give us some stability so our offer is consistent with demand. 

Finally, we would like to hire a psychologist so that we are able to run workshops directly with people that is referred to us through local services, so there is a lot to work on!



We are raising money to produce products for wellbeing that we have co-designed with those who have first hand experience of mental health problems, who have unique insight into how and why we get unwell.

Bidean is a social enterprise that collaborates with those who suffer from mental health distress to generate design concepts that support wellbeing and recovery. So far we have worked with clients from INUF, Islington Mind, Dragon Cafe, Homerton Hospital, Depression Alliance and Kensington and Chelsea Mind, and our network continues to grow.

We are now raising money for the production of a few of these products for others to enjoy! With your donation we will be able to bring these ideas to life, and you will be among the first to try them and the profit will help us continue our work for mental health!

Our objects are all very different as are informed by the very many experiences people face.  Wether they help you breath, cope with panic attacks, probmt you to think or communicate with others, these products have been designed to contribute one way or another to your mental health.

Wether you or a loved one are going through a difficult time, you are looking for a special gift, or would like to donate to our cause, pledge for Bidean and be among the first ones to enjoy one (or many!) of our products, which you can see below.


Included in the donation is the cost of delivery, beaware that the final product will be manufactured proffesionally so small changes (for the better!) are possible from the samples you view in the pictures. If you need any more details of the products and their make, feel free to get in touch!

*'Balance us out' teapot.

*'I'm not dying' silver ring.

*'What's life about' teatowel.

*'Electrostatic aura' fluffer.

*'Panic attack' breathing bags.

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