Bicycle Maintenance Workshop For Those In Need

Bicycle Maintenance Workshop For Those In Need

Bicycle Maintenance workshop providing support and easy to learn tutorial groups for children and adults in need.  (Two Wheel Surgery)

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On 10th Sep 2016 we successfully raised £10 with 1 supporter in 28 days

Bicycle Maintenance workshop for children and adults in need.  (Two Wheel Surgery)

We plan on developing a community support based project that benefits and associates with children and adults in need.

Two Wheel Surgery is a support providing bicycle maintenance workshop that caters to a huge variety of those in need ranging from (but not limited to), Autism, ADHD, Cancer support groups, Depression etc.

We aim to provide an open plan, multi – station workshop to host sessions of increasing level bicycle maintenance for those in need.

We want to provide a safe, fun, engaging and interactive workspace with the ability to  gain a valuable life skill and certificate upon completion of the course.

The project is an educational program which has multiple health benefits (mental & physical) ranging from but not limited to; social integration, confidence building, developing a positive sense of self-worth, decreased stress, and depression alleviation.

We will focus on building trust and strong relationships with our group members through positive mentoring while applying plans for community development, teaching about the environmental impact differential in bikes and cars, including group members of all religions and race as well as encourage religious and racial harmony amongst providing a social, warm and interactive environment to allow for self-expression.

The project will be worked into a 12 week schedule with 4 -5 different support groups (potentially more) with a combination of groups, the schedule will consist of basic bicycle maintenance to a full build from a bare frame, which we will provide for the members to take away with them after completion of the tasks as well as gain a certificate.
We are also currently supported by;
Air Radio 107.2
Wessex FM
Dorset Trade Skills
Dorset Abilities Group

Tim’s cycle shop


As we progress the list is constantly growing due to our focus on contacting more support groups and organizations to aid in our cause.

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