BIASAN Arts Collective

BIASAN Arts Collective

To deliver multi-arts & holistic projects, to benefit disadvantaged communities, including vulnerable refugees and asylum seekers

We did it!

On 17th Apr 2017 we successfully raised £210 with 9 supporters in 56 days

Networking Day, Yorkshire Dales 2016
One of our networking days, into the Yorkshire dales, a day of inspiration, education,  sharing and caring. It reminds many of our attendees, many who were from rural farming areas, of home, a sense of peace, calm and serenity. 

Hello from Bradford!
We are the Biasan Art Collective who run Multi-Art & Holistic  projects with destitute communties, in particular the  refugees and asylum seekers  communities.  We are based in Bradford, West Yorkshire but our projects run across in to the Yorkshire Dales and into York. 

We have been involved with BIASAN (a refugee and asylum seeker organisation) over a decade now in both a voluntary capacity and also as paid workers.  Partly due to the Global crisis of the plights of Refugees  & Asylum seekers, our numbers of people in need has grown expodentialy. This has created a greater need for a broader range of activities that can reach out and help those groups of people and individuals who just need some support in coming to terms with lifestyle changes and cultureshock of arriving into a new country and learning how to settle in UK life. 
Due to cuts in government funding,  which has effected  many,   leaving a gap in services leaving many people to feel vulnerable inparticular due to the uncertainty of the political climate whcih affects us all. We are aware of the increased capacity of needs based activites which target mental/emotional and holistic health, in particular vulnerable groups including  refugee and asylum seeker communites who are most in need. Our project serves to suit this need, and we need your help to achieve this goal.  
All our activities including the Arts activities serves a dual purpose, they are  therapuetic and promote holistic healing, inspiration and uplifting those who are needy and vulnerable.

We need your help to raise funds to keep our activites running, as our numbers keep growing, and growing and growing. Our intention is to keep on providing activities which include:
Arts and Crafts Actvities, Holistic Therapies, Daytrips, Residentials, Events, Gym sessions
We are raising funds to help pay for: minibus hire, residential costs, workers & equipment to help with the growing numbers of people who we come into contact with, from various communities and to keep running these activities, to benefit the vulnerable communites we work with.  

Creative Arts workshop on the Imran Qureshi commission, Cartwright Hall 2016
BIASAN meets weekly, in a shared space. We have a space for women and children and another drop-in for everyone. 
We run activities such as Arts and Crafts which are loved, and also  we run daytrips and our ever-growing-in-poularity hosted Residentials. These are provided by groups in Skipton and in York. 

Journeys, National Media Museum 2016-2017
We have linked across into many projects and one of most recent projects was with the National Media Museum, Bradford.  We came together to create an exhibition called "Journeys". This exhibition was a creative collaboration between a group of artists from BIASAN and the Media Museum, to highlight the themes of migration, identity and home. Partly as a global message to educate local UK based communities about the plights of refugees and asylums, stigmatised by the Media. It was a success and will go on to exhibit at the Peace Museum, in March 2017.  

 We have run multiple projects to provide a broad range of activities and that has included all of the above.  We have networked across Yorkshire and  beyond to highlight issues, stigmas and negative sterotyping of our communites and still work towards these principles and goals. We have welcomed many in need and with your continued support, we still plan to.  So if you feel that this is a cause worthy of your attention and time, please help us out. 

Arts and Crafts workshops, 2016
One of our creative sessions with the ladies, using crafting techniques. 
This is so polular, it reminds people of home, of traditions passed down from their parents, their extended families, some who can pass on these traditions to their children and some who cant as they have lost everything.  Here we we provide an opportunity for people to get together and meet and socialise, so they can create in a happy and safe environment. 
Creative session with Biasan group 2017
One of our artists, working with vulnerable youths, in creating a Tree Project!
As our groups and communites change, we are in flux, in meeting the changing needs.  We want you to find good cause in what we do and help fund us, so we can continue our work and continue to benefit those who are in need!Thank you!
Please support us and let your friends know too, by helping us your helping our communities to survive and lifting them up into a better environment where we can see to their needs. Feel free to spread this message far and wide!
Thankyou once again. 

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