Beveridge Park Club House Major Refurbishment!

by Beveridge Park Bowling Club in Kirkcaldy, Scotland, United Kingdom

Beveridge Park Club House Major Refurbishment!


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Flexible funding – this project will receive all pledges made by March 6th 2020 at 7:07pm

Our Club House is not accessible or fit for purpose. We're fundraising to make sure local people can use all the facilities, all year round!

by Beveridge Park Bowling Club in Kirkcaldy, Scotland, United Kingdom

Why do we need your help?

Every £ will help us get one step closer to making sure the Club House can be used by those in wheelchairs or generally less able and be used all year round for lots of activities to benefit the local community and park users of all ages.        Read more about our activities below.                                

 Fundraising so far:                                   We have applied for grants and been successful from a range of funders including significant grants from: Fife Council, Fife Environmental Trust and the Robertson Trust.  We have also applied and have recently heard we have been successful in getting funding from Aldi.   By getting support from the local community for the project it will help us to attract further funding.  We will acknowledge all support on our facebook page and we are looking at how we can incorporate the names of all who have donated in the fabric of the building when we open whether you are age 5 and donated from your piggy bank or a business who wants to support a local group of volunteers trying to make a difference in the community.

About us as an organisation:

We, as Beveridge Park Bowling Club are committed to our club within the heart of the fabulous Beveridge Park. We are all volunteers (most of us retired) and active members within the community and as such contribute to the parks well being. We have looked after this facility since 2012 and are a registered charity.  On 3rd. July 2018 we became Scottish Charitable Incorporated Organisation (SCIO), registration number SCO48513.

We provide opportunities to lots of people young and old

At the moment we are in a position to offer lawn bowls to members, guests, as well has hosting special events through the summer months, we are not open in the winter, but with plans we have in place we would be able to use the facility all year round!

We have been successful in attracting local schools to take part in bowls with 20 children from one school and 12 from another attending every Friday. We are also catering for up to 20 children from the Department of Assisted Support from a local high school.

The club has close links with Disability Sport Fife (DSF) who consider our club to be one of the most inclusive in Fife.  Our club has hosted events on their behalf for several years which have been very successful and very much appreciated by DSF. We run weekly sessions for wheelchair users.  We also run events for both severely and slightly sight impaired bowlers.  We are working with Active Schools Fife as well as Sporting Memories Scotland where we are hosting weekly meetings for their clientele.

In the summer we provided premises for the local Kirkcaldy Parkrunners to add a social element to their group which meet every Saturday and attract approx 200 people every week (an would love to do so again).  In addition we are active members of Beveridge Park Development Group, Balwearie Sports Hub and Kirkcaldy and Central Fife Sports Council. All of those organisations are supporting us and are willing to use our premises for their own activities.

Our clubhouse as it stands is not ideally suited towards hosting the various   organisations  as our access to adequate facilities are not up to required standards, we have no disabled access to the main clubhouse. 

What are we intending to do?

We need funding to alter the fabric of the building for us to have better access to our club for disabled, severely and slightly sight impaired persons. We have plans approved for all of the proposed alterations. Our aim is to have the club open year round and include our local community by arranging different events during the winter months that they can take part in, not necessarily bowls.

We have recently been awarded planning permission from Fife Council for the project and  have building warrant approval also.  We have managed to raise over £71000 and have a few small grant applications in the pipeline but we need your help – every £ counts!  

We have financial projections that show the club can support its own on-going costs and will start generating profits in 2020 which will be ploughed into generating more activities for local people. As well as financial sustainability, we aim to boost the economy of the local area by increasing visitors as well as having a wide reach social impact.

Club Vision for the future:

As a club our vision is to expand our membership and to continue to promote the sport of lawn bowling in Kirkcaldy and to provide opportunities for young people and adults, both able bodied and disabled to participate in the sport and also to try other activities.  We would continue to work with Bowls Scotland to promote the sport by holding annual “Come and Try days” and we want to introduce Family days - probably on a Sunday. We also wish to extend our services to those living in the more socially deprived areas who for a variety of reasons may not have previously considered or been able to participate in our club.

At the moment our clubhouse is only used 6 months of the year. By becoming more of a community bowling club and our proposed refurbishment plans we want to open the club 12 months of the year.

We would then be able to offer carpet bowls, hold whist drives, and race nights during the winter months. This would provide the club with extra income and also welcome more local school children to use our facilities. Any money raised as profit would be ploughed back into the club and could be used to further help the local community. 

Winter is well known as the time of year when the elderly, socially vulnerable persons are at their lowest ebb, a feeling of loneliness and isolation. We want to change that! We want to incorporate them into our ideas and make them feel welcome. 

Let's make 'Beveridge Park Club House Major Refurbishment!' happen

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