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Help bring 'Between Us' to life ! A new dance performance to be created by Jason Mabana and Klevis Elmazaj

by Jason Mabana in London, England, United Kingdom

''What you will see in this piece is sincerity, joy, trust and two  persons despite their traditions and beliefs coming together''

Who are we ? 

We are Jason Mabana and Klevis Elmazaj, two friends//dancers/choreographers that met while studying at the Rambert School in London. We want to create a piece on migration and mix background reflecting our personal life but also the world.

Jason was born in Belgium, from a Sicilian and Filipino heritage. He trained at the Rambert School and at the London Contemporary Dance School. Jason danced for Akram Khan, Wayne McGregor, Shobana Jeyasingh Dance Company, Saju Hari and Candoco Dance Company. He recently choreographed 'Requiem For Aleppo' that premiered at Sadlers Wells and will go next to the Fringe Festival and on tour internationally. 

'Requiem For Aleppo' teaser :

Klevis born in Berat, Albania, started his training at a young age when he moved to Italy. He studied at the Academy School in Rome 'Etoile d'llir' and then continued his training at the Ateneo Danza, Forli where he received a year scholarship. He then joined Rambert School. Klevis danced for the Dutch National Opera and Ballet performing work by Sommer and Itzik Galili. He choreographed 'Until the Sand' winner of the 2nd Prize 'Burgos/New York International Choreographic Competition' and 'Gonewords' recently premiered in Amsterdam. 

'Until the Sand' teaser:



About 'Between Us'

Both of us come from mix background and heritage. Our parents or grand parents had to move countries because of political and economical reasons. The piece is a reflection on how migration helped us shape our identities. 'Between Us' will re-visit our traditions, beliefs, knowledge but also the struggle of being a minority. It is a chance to show the importance of multiculturalism both culturally and politcally.  Because foreign countries opened their borders to our families, we were able to become who we are now and show you our stories ! 

We will start rehearsals by October and will be presenting 'Between Us'  to several dance schools around the U.K, Belgium and Holland at first and  then we will apply to festivals with the piece.

What we need 

For this project, we are trying to raise 4500 pounds. This will help us to:

1. Hire a studio: 'Between Us' will be 50 minutes long, we think we will need 4 weeks of rehearsals space in London.

2. Dramaturgy/Props/Set: We would like the help of a dramaturg to ensure a good flow of the piece. We are also considering the use of props.

3. Composer

4. Lighting: A lighting designer will help us achieve the different atmosphere that we want to create.

5. Costume: A costume maker/designer will help the piece visually, we also want to use costumes as a prop.

6. Performance and rehearsals recordings: As we are both dancing and choreographing, we wont be able to record ourselves properly during rehearsals and the performance. We would like to use a cameraman/videomaker, to make sure the work is well recorded and well made. 

The impact

By supporting us, you help us making a piece that matters for many people. People need a chance, and that is sometimes welcoming someone into your world. What you will see in this piece is sincerity, joy, trust and two persons despite their differents traditions and beliefs coming together.

Immigration reform and border security have become of major topic of discussion lately and it effected a lot of people. We believe that 'Between Us' is also a reflection to the world. We both trained in London, where we met people from the entire world, with different traditions, religions and backgrounds. Being a part of this diversity helped us seeing the world in a different way, it helped us shape our identities. 

Risk and Challenges

Creating a piece can have some obstacles such as miscommunication between choreographer and composer or lighting designer. Therefore, the use of a dramaturg is very important. The dramaturg makes sure that the collaboration is going well and that everyone contributing to the piece  is happy with their work.

Who are we working with

We will work with David Cazalet, a composer that we have previously worked with. He is an entrepreneur, musican and composer who is influenced by Andalouse music. He composed 'Requiem For Aleppo'.  Alex McKeith for the dramaturgy, is a writer and and dramaturge based in London. In February 2017, 'School Play', his playwriting debut, was produced by Antic I Face and Nik Holttum Productions at the Southwark Playhouse and published by Oberon Books. In 2016 he was awarded Columbia University's theatre Scholarshop for their playwriting MFA.

Other Ways You Can Help 

We understand that not everyone can help us, but if you would like to support in another way, please share this page and help us with this campaign.


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