by Peter Stewart Kelbie in Springfield, Scotland, United Kingdom

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Funding for production on high profile Scottish film period drama based on true story to empower motherhood and a voice for children in care

by Peter Stewart Kelbie in Springfield, Scotland, United Kingdom

Betty's Story, feature film was written by Peter Stewart - Kelbie in 2018 we are seeking to secure funds for its production costs.  The script is based on the true story of Peter's mother who was a 'voice for children in care' from 1960 to 1976. A full working script is given the green light and a 30 member cast is already secured to the film. 

We are ideally seeking to secure the project with a production unit  in Glasgow and the funding is needed to progress the directions to start the filming of the official script.  

We will then market the film for home grown talent and secure its release by STV network and or film festivals to empower 'motherhood' throughout the globe and a 'voice for children in care'. This projects supports survivors of abuse in care.  

Actress (Robyn Janikowski) Stars as 'Betty' who was born into a romany gypsy family from Aberdeen her third child Alexina died in care. Her prolonged depression risks her unborn baby history repeats itself at what costs, when her children are abused in care.  From the dark victorian period of 1850 gypsies are targets for the Church of Scotland parish kirks ministers often preyed on children and taken them into care nothings changes as time moves by. We are introduced to the 1960s when Rock 'n' Roll music heals her depression she has very little to live for her faith is secured in her love for music & her spiritual  link to her children who are in care.  She becomes a voice for children abused in care not on till its to late for the new generations of mothers who are monitored by the state her son runs away from a children's home with only one object - to find his mother. Instead he finds her voice and the truth of her past.  A cultural film unfolding drama & music of the new generation of today. 

From dawn raids of the gypsy encampments of the parish kirks very little has changed the passage of time children are still subjected to care proceedings and abuse in care remains ripe throughout the globe. 

                (Dedicated to Alexina Kelbie & Elizabeth Stewart Kelbie) Google 

              www.Betty's  www.Betty's 

Many Thanks 


Vicky Edwards Head of Casting Doveteam Casting Edinburgh  

First Script Editor Sue Houston 


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