IQ - (Organised Queuing System App For All)

by Miss SS Traore in London, England, United Kingdom

IQ - (Organised Queuing System App For All)
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To create an efficient system that reinforce social distancing and prevents overcrowding and congesting pavement space.

by Miss SS Traore in London, England, United Kingdom

Hello my name is stephanie and I believe I've found a solution to improve social distancing within supermarkets. It's atrocious how we can be standing for an unnecessarily long period of time to buy our essentials. Surely this is not maximising the amount of time we are outside.

Are you sick and tired of leaving your house and facing a long queue like your about to enter a Beyonce concert without Beyonce being there??? Me too! We are only going out for our shopping essentials right?  Right... This is why I have created a fantastic app idea that will help a lot of people today who are feeling very anxious about the duration of being outside. 

MY VISION - My idea consist of an app that tells you how many people are in the queue and what is available within the store with out you being there customers will be able to search the designated store for their items through this app ,put it in their virtual basket, receive a code and time slot and they pay when they get to the store. a machine will scan their code. In order to make customers more at ease there was would be allocated time slots in which they can come and collect their orders. 

This app will not only save life's but it will prevent unnecessary shopping trips by indicating how many people are queuing to minimize the risk of overcrowding and long queues.I swear many  of us have seen this before in numerous cases in this pandemic that we are facing and it's become worse and I can imagine the frustration and the uncertainty of this situation. This is why this app is integral to help protect the NHS by staying home and lessens the amount of time we go outside thus less pressure on the NHS is applied as this app will minimize the risk of catching the virus as it aids social distancing. This app is not only short term but long term prevention.

I hope my idea is considered as it is crucial in this situation.

Thank you for taking your time to read this. :)

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