Better me to better you.....

by Susan Hales in Eyemouth, Scotland, United Kingdom

Better me to better you.....


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To undergo professional training and certification to elevate me into a position where I can reach out to help those who need it.

by Susan Hales in Eyemouth, Scotland, United Kingdom

Reading "Tips from Jocelyn, our campaign expert"
She tells me to " talk about your awards, honors, and activities"

I don't have any awards or honors to talk about, but I have so many stories (activities) that I could share with you. The most recent being; I have just rehabilitated a young woman who's life was about to explode....he problems were so numerous and intertwined and elusive, that even the best teams of professionals gave up on her (their final words "what do you want us to do!?!?" ) 6 months ago, a young woman whom i'd known as a child reached out to me on facebook, just to say hi, I hadn't known her particularly well, why she chose to contact me neither of us will ever truly know. In a nutshell, she was in a desperate situation, more desperate and toxic than she could ever realise herself. She was self destructing, becoming violent and hated the world but couldn't even begin to do a thing about it. She was living in her mothers home, with a young daughter she could barely tolerate, a dangerous gym addiction with history of near death eating disorder, an unrecognised (even to herself) situation of chronic emotional abuse by her own family, no career, crippling anxiety and social phobia, she was so full of self hate that she self harmed. Just a tortured young woman living a torturous life who was on the verge of imploding. Now, 6 months (yes, only  6 months) later this brilliant, kind, energetic, hard working, caring young lady is in her own home, loves her daughter more than life itself, lives for her every need, has integrated into society, overcome her dangerous addiction, is reconciling with her sister (that I mediate), has a job a healthy hobby, is volunteering in her community with youth programs. She understands herself, understands and is overcoming her anxiety in a very healthy way, is full of positive and is striving to learn and overcome every challenge.....etc, etc, etc.  How was this achieved? It's almost unbelievable because we have never met, I live on an other continent to this lady but yet, I facilitated this life change with only messaging and the occasional phone call.
I have a second story to tell. I was given a role in a small film production (amazing considering i've never acted before and in real life, the only thing i'm qualified for is fixing gum disease). I met a man, 49 years old, he had suffered depression his whole life, he had even been given electro shock therapy back in the day, it helped a little but wasn't a permanent solution. To cut a long story short, within the 2 weeks of filming, and chatting with me, his life changed, forever. What did I do? I don't know, but we still keep in touch, there was something that happened in the time we had together, something that caused a deep and life changing shift in his core being (sounds deep but these were the only words he could find to try to describe his experience). He's healthy and happy and now enjoying a new lease of life without the suffering.
So what did I do? Honestly, I don't know, I just listened and spoke in the way that felt right. I used all of my own experiences, having lived in the belly of Africa for the last 15 years, of the poverty and hardship and death and desperation i've witnessed and been a part of. Of my own struggle to overcome crippling anxiety/panic without medication - permanently. my own experiences with the fight of building a life and business in the pits of corruption and adversity.  Of overcoming real cutting edge relationship struggles, clawing a marriage from near divorce to truly happy and content and full of love. The list goes on.

I know I want to do this professionally, I want to be in a position where I can reach out to who ever is suffering and help them and not rely on chance meetings and cross paths. To be able to do this in a professional capacity I want to undergo formal training, to give myself the skills and  confidence to succeed.

I've found a wonderful mentor and teacher, one who follows the same ideologies I feel like I use and have naturally but of course to enroll on this journey is not free.

I hope to begin the formal training as soon as possible, the fees can exceed 10,000GBP and can involve travel. If I can achieve even half of that then I can take the leap to give up the career I've invested in since I was 16 and change my path. This is what I'm meant to do.....and with just a small helping hand from anyone with the means, it's what I will dedicate myself to.  I have reached out and helped countless strangers, perhaps it's my turn?

With thanks from deep inside my bones......and for any personal testaments from those I've helped, please be in touch.

Suzanne. Future Mentor, coach and general facilitator in life.

Let's make 'Better me to better you.....' happen