Sitcom Pilot - best sitcom the UK will ever see

by Alessio Nitti in London, England, United Kingdom

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Our dream is to film the pilot of this hilarious witty new sitcom in Italy using the original set.

by Alessio Nitti in London, England, United Kingdom

Had this idea in mind for over 7 years.

Finally made it happened about 8 months ago, no funds no money just the idea.

I subscribed to all casting websites just to get to know people in the business, including my cast, which eventually I found, the perfect cast anyone can ask for, and some extra money to fund the project.

Started some screen test ( link in this page ) and wrote some episodes too.

Then the magic happened, contacted the owners of the format ( can't disclose the name due to copyrights ) and after watching our screen tests they gave us the rights to pitch the format in the UK !

The original format was a huge success in Italy for over 12 years, season by season.

We only need these funds to make the pilot happening in the best way possible.

The UK has never seen a sitcom like this.

I even got in touch with some actors of the Italian cast, and some producers, as well as the owners of the studio/set.

This is why I'm here for funds, the sitcom is a win win, based in a sort of an office environment, in from of a "machine" ( can't disclose much again ) ... 

In the UK would be a multi-cultured sitcom, anyone will relate and fall in love with the characters.

We have a full cast, and many episodes ready to go, also we have two spectacular pilots ready to be filmed.

The idea is to take the whole cast to Italy for filming the pilot in the original set, which is quite unique and the trademark of the whole show.

I tried some studios here and there, green screen, but the best solution would be using the original set.

We have two special guests in our cast whom are a cherry on top of the cake. 

This is a win win investment.


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Behind the scene experience and Premiere !

This is a once in a lifetime chance to witness the making of this new fresh witty sitcom, behind the scene and premiere, with chance to meet the cast that will make history in English modern Comedy.

Let's make 'Sitcom Pilot - best sitcom the UK will ever see' happen