I need help to make my sis wedding special , giving her lot of happiness after lot of pains

Unfortunately, this project was not successful

How to give happiness to someone who spend her time giving happiness to others? I was wondering about it cos i would like to make my beloved sister happy as she deserve it so much.

Through hard times and illness she always has been here for everyone . Even when life is painful for her, she always has a smile for everyone.

She is getting married soon, we are a modest family but once in her life i want her to feel as the beautiful princess she is inside.

Help me to give her the best day of her life than she will forget all others bad days and move on with her mind full of new dreams.

I know nothing is impossible and i believe i can with you make her dream come true .

I have a surprise to all the future funders , so please can you message with your name , nickname and your town , ill prepare a nice video surprise during the wedding and will post it later. Its a pretty cool surprise to thank all of you guys <3