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by Lorraine Elliott in London, England, United Kingdom

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Unfortunately this project was not successful.

My project aim is to introduce the UK to Swarovski design, and bring awareness to everyday people who love personalized gifts and keepsakes.

by Lorraine Elliott in London, England, United Kingdom

The video above is an example of how customization can be applied to items such as trainers, and is not my own video. I wanted to show an existing video from YouTube so it can show the process in a professional way. (I am clueless how to make a good video just yet and also very camera shy!)

I have wanted to start my own business to highlight the ambitions of people who fly under the radar due to poverty, isolation, domestic abuse, learning difficulties or mental health issues. We are verbally abused and ignored in society because we may be too friendly and humble, and we can't fit in with anybody, no matter what we do. We can still make a difference by being passionate about something and standing on our own.

My plan is to customize gifts, create unique gift baskets (example shown) and offer gift wrapping services.  At the moment my idea is very much at the planning stage, as I will be a sole trader aiming to start from my garden shed by building a low cost workshop (I will need around £500) with virtually no overheads. My premises will be a workshop and not a business address, and the products will be shipped in the UK and abroad via social media.

I will need a further £1500 to pay off my rent arrears. I have a lifelong tenancy and have been in arrears for 3 years, as I have had various low paid jobs during a long period of time. The government stopped all my benefits gradually, leaving me in a difficult situation, but now I hope to move forward. I need another £1000 to get things moving in the shape of materials, equipment, storage, postage, lighting and a decent chair.

The UK market has embraced all things DIY in the home, from renting to buying or building your dream home and renovating it, to including the perfect decor and accessories. People love interior design and colour schemes, as your home is your sanctuary. I would like to use that same ethos in my gifts, as it can feel very personal and special to the person who receives the gift.

At the moment it has been difficult to obtain finance from mainstream lenders, but it hasn't deterred me from appealing to the generosity of the general public. I am currently studying for a BA Hons in Business Management, and if all else fails, I will use some of my student loan to finance the business myself, as I have the motto  "If you don't try you will never know."

Thank you x

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