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The Medical Alert bracelet has been around for years and we all know the benefit of one BERTS Alert™ has brought this into the 21st Century.

by Bernard Sparkes in Sunderland, England, United Kingdom

Medical Alert bracelets have formed a core part of the medical chain of survival. Highlighting life threatening medical conditions early to first aiders and qualified medical personnel.

BERTSAlert™ uses technology to advance this information sharing capability in order to save even more lives.

Using one of our BERTS Alert™ Smart-cards &/or Smart-chips &/or Smart-fob to access your vital information securely in an emergency.



How does it work?

In the event of an emergency


Police, Ambulance, Hospitals, Coast Guard or other responders find your BERTS Alert™ Smart-card (NFC), Smart-chip (NFC) or Smart-fob (NFC):-

BERTSAlert™ Smart-card, the responder has one of THREE ways to access your vital information.

1.       Place it on the rear of their Smartphone.

2.       Scans the QR code.

3.       Enters a unique secure URL address printed on the card.

BERTS Alert™Smart-chip - this may be attached to a cycle/motorbike helmet or Smart-fob  the responder simply scans it with their Smartphone.

All of these actions will open a live secure online members page that contains vital essential information.


What information does the page contain?

BERTS Alert™ - Lite members

  • Members ID Photograph.

  • Members Name.

  • Membership number.

  • Members email address.

  • Members phone number.

  • Are they registered blind.

  • Are they registered deaf.

  • Are they epileptic.

  • 1 x main medical condition (i.e. Epilepsy/Autistic/learning difficulties/blind)

  • Allergies

  • 3 x Emergency contact names & numbers (one ICE primary contact, one next of kin, one missing/distressed/intoxicated/incapable)

This information will be available when they scan the card, chip or fob.

The responder will then be prompted to enter an access number (that only they are supplied with); they will now have access to additional vital information for full members.

BERTS Alert™ - Full members

  • Members ID Photograph.

  • Members name.

  • Members Date of birth

  • Membership number.

  • Members home address.

  • Members email address.

  • Members phone number.

    • Are they registered blind.

    • Are they registered deaf.

    • Are they epileptic.

  • All main medical conditions (i.e. Epilepsy/Autistic/learning difficulties/blind)

  • Medications: dosage and times taken.

  • Allergies.

  • DNAR (do not attempt resuscitation) instructions.

  • Organ donor instructions

  • GP details contact details

  • Up to 6 x Emergency contact names & numbers (one ICE primary contact, one next of kin, one missing/distressed/intoxicated/incapable & 3 others)

  • Social services contact details.

  • Care workers contact details.

  • Members phone unlock code.

All these details are live and uptodate (subject to the member submitting updates).


Who are we?

Business Enterprise Risk Technology Ltd is a Sunderland based company which is 50% owned by an Australian company of the same name, who are the only company in Australia to hold the 'Australia Mark' for a digital safety product.


The directors of BERT® were colleagues 30 years ago in West Yorkshire Police, our experience in this area is extensive.

BERT® is a digital solutions company that turns anything that is done on a piece of paper digital and available on any Smart device, from pre-start checklists for vehicles to the complete emergency planning and evacuation procedures for international airports. 

Our Aim.

Our aim is to make BERTS Alert™ the premier Medical & ID Alert system in the world. We plan to achieve this by first launching in the UK & Australia simultaneously on the 1st November 2020, then to licence the brand to the rest of the world starting with Ireland, USA & Canada.

What do we plan to do with the funds raised?

  • Purchase an ID card printer.
  • Education campaign aimed at First Responders/Hospitals/other Emergency Services. 
  • Local/regional/national marketing using mixture of traditional advertising/social media & press interviews.
  • Attendance at trade shows & public events

Let's make 'BERTS Alert™' happen

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