Berrywell feed the children  Ophans

by Berrywell-Feed The Children in Sidcup, England, United Kingdom

We did it
On 2nd August 2019 we successfully raised £50 with 5 supporters in 28 days

The aim of this ceremony is to show the Ophans that they are not forgotten . A platform to showcase their talents and make them relevant.

by Berrywell-Feed The Children in Sidcup, England, United Kingdom

BerryWell-Feed The children is a charitable organization established in 2017 with a mission of helping the less privileged children and putting a smile again on their faces. We want to ensure that Children around the world smile and feel the love and care they deserve.

We have been working hard towards fighting poverty and depression in orphans and the less privileged children. We know that the only way to prepare these children for a bright future is to use food as the best weapon to instill hope and strength in them.

At BerryWell – Feed The children, we are working to ensure this becomes possible by helping them to pursue excellence through raising funds with our concerts for the purpose of creating educational, free meals and training centers. Decent accommodation and health care. Ultimately, we want these children to grow into honest, hardworking & creative individuals who are able to help their countries in achieving their visions.

We want to ensure that we use the most appropriate approach to transform the life of the less privileged children around the world receive knowledge, skills, and necessary tools to prepare them for a bright future.

In the recent years, the population of the homeless, vulnerable, and orphaned children has increased round the world. Most of these children are abandoned, do not attend schools and unable to afford decent daily meals. Some children have nothing to hope for. It is common to come across children in different countries who are lonely and insecure with no families. They lack basic things in their life, such as food, shelter, and education. We aim to help these children feel cared for and loved.

We're dedicated to encouraging and supporting the orphans and the less privileged children in different parts of the world to ensure that they grow healthy as they prepare for a bright future. We know with your help; we can transform the lives of these children. We want to ensure that children in the world learn how to read and write. With our inspiration and guide, we have strong confidence that these children will feel cared for and loved and grow to become independent and successful citizens in the society.

With your help, we know we can achieve all our goals. It is now almost two years since we started this journey, and we're working hard towards ensuring every orphan, and less privileged child in the world feel cared for, safe and loved. We hope to work hand-in-hand with people of the same idea towards making our goals successful

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