Berkshire for Europe - Fighting for our country

Berkshire for Europe - Fighting for our country

We are raising funds for marketing materials and costs of licences and venues for Berkshire for Europe events and campaigns to stop Brexit.

Unfortunately, this project was not successful

Hello everyone!

Berkshire for Europe has been up and running in Berkshire for a few months now and we're working hard to start raising awareness about the benefits of remaining in the European Union and find a legal and democratic way to stop Brexit.

We are a grassroots organisation of passionate and determined people, normal people who love our country as it is: rich, free and open.

If you would like to help us, please donate to this crowdfunder to help us get some assets behind us to support our campaigns! You can also take part. Contact us on and let us know what you'd like to get involved in.

And keep an eye out on our website ( - loads going on in the area!

Thank you for your support and here's to an outward-looking and united Britain inside the European Union!