Bens Expedition to Kyrgyzstan 2017

Bens Expedition to Kyrgyzstan 2017

Big Expedition to Kyrgyzstan 2017 - Bohunt School Outdoor Programme

Unfortunately, this project was not successful

I have the incredible opportunity in July 2017 to go on Bohunt School's Big Expedition to Kyrgyzstan. I am currently a student in Year 10 age 14 years, at Bohunt School and this opportunity is available in 2017 to some 70 students.

It will involve several days of training before we go including trekking, camping and learning survival skills.

The trip will be for 3 weeks where I hope to experience living in a wilderness environment, conducting scientific experiments and even the chance to teach English to some of the remote nomad communities. I hope to understand their  culture, see their communities, learn of their difficulties and maybe discover opportunities. I will be able to gain so much from this experience which will help me in the future.

I have to self fund this costing £3500 and then to fund the kit required.

So far I have started a business venture selling dog related gifts, delivered leaflets, washed cars, mown lawns, watered plants and looked after pets. 

I would be very appreciative of any donations and in return would welcome the opportunity to earn it if you have any suggestions of jobs I can do for you.

Thank you, Ben!