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by Lee in Newbury

Ben's Bike Fund
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On 19th March 2015 we successfully raised £500 with 15 supporters in 28 days

Time to turn the negative into a positive - Ben's new bike fund.

by Lee in Newbury

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Time to turn the negative into a positive - Ben's new bike fund.

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21st Feb 2015:  IMPORTANT UPDATE:

This project has now been updated and is going in a different direction at the request of the family concerned. We are now going pass the funds (providing we get the full £500) onto people that organise cycle training in West Berkshire and provide a number of new bikes.



Right then – time to turn the negative into a positive.   I’m sure many of you who are reading this know Adam and his family and I’m sure that you’ve read his posts on Facebook recently about how their garage was broken into in January and more recently his son’s bike was damaged (tyres slashed) and then stolen from school by a thief.

 The thief in question was then subsequently was arrested but released without any charges despite admitting taking the bike.  

Adam has said on posts today: “A massive thank you to everyone who helped us when Ben's bike was stolen. There was huge public help and support which successfully lead to the arrest of the main culprit in the orange jacket as well as the naming of all of the other 6 youths involved. We also managed to get Ben's bike back - although they had trashed it and written it off.”

 “The fact that he got away with just a caution is in no way in balance with the fact that we have been disrupted in terms of time, have been left £400 out of pocket, have a child with aspergers to try and keep calm having been done a massive injustice and lastly a child who is scared of going back to school in case of repercussions.”

 So I got thinking – what if we could help out in a small way?   Do you want to put your money where your mouth is?   Ben without a bike due to it being trashed by some thieving scumbag?  Social media has already helped to find the culprits – so why not turn a negative into a positive by using crowdsource to fund a new bike for Ben.

 So friends, it’s time to make a small donation to Ben’s Bike Fund – give as little or as much as you can spare and together we can fund a new bike (and a nice fat chunky lock) for Ben.



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